Is weather the new influence for Eeveelutions?


A friend of mine evolved three Eevee’s in a row during sunny weather & got Flareon. He evolved Eevee in cloudy weather & got Vaporeon. No tests on Jolteon yet, but possibly influenced by rainy weather.

Flareon - Sunny Weather
Vaporeon - Cloudy Weather
Jolteon - Rainy Weather

Let’s test these out & get answers!


I wish this was the case. Unfortunately not. Evolved a eevee, cloudy weather, volt switch thunder jolteon.

EDIT: there is still a chance the rates are different.


We are going by the weather symbol on the screen in the game, not what it is outside at the time live I hope?
That would be a good feature to the game.


Niantic said NO WEATHER EXCLUSIVES, so that was just a luck, even castform won’t change form with Weather


Castform will lol, thats his entire gimick


I have made three evolutions with cloudy weather, and all three were different… for me better, because I wasn’t searching for 3 Vaporeon