Is this a good team for giratina?


Mew has Shadow Claw Dragon Claw, Drifblim has all Ghost type moves (hi shadow ball), Cacturne has all dark type moves, blissey has pound dazzling gleam, alola ninetales has all ice types move. Are these good pokemon to use?




Not That bad


Decent for lower levels I guess, but when telling somebory you can go, always mention you are rtaher weak so that you dont end up in 3 people with this party


If you don’t have any Pokémon from the first link, you should (if you can) use Pokémon from the photo if possible.


Seriously, leave blissey for gyms. 2 years in the game and people still taking blissey to raid, sometimes I cant recognize if its genuine question or just attempt to troll and provoke :man_shrugging:


Blissey might end up being the one that does the most damage in this case though


this guy is trolling right?


I don’t think so. They’ve put some time and effort into that. Not sure why you would as in a large lobby your hurting your ball count if your not using the best Counters.
So many of my Giratina have been caught on the 10th - 14th Balls. I’d have a lot more runners if I only getting 7-8 balls because I was messing with C and D grade counters.


It’s not that bad, but it could be better. I assume Blissey has Dazzling Gleam for its move. Its Attack sadly isn’t strong enough to capitalize on the super effectiveness of Dazzling Gleam, and since it doesn’t have STAB, it may not fair that well. If you want a bulky attacker, I would recommend Walrein with Frost Breath and Blizzard. I use it on my team and it does a great job. Walrein does pretty well for those that don’t have good Articuno or Regice.

Ninetales is a good choice though, especially against Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw. It only really suffers a bit against Ancient Power.

I can’t tell what Mew has, but it’s weakness to Ghost concerns me.

Drifblim…I think will suffer too much as it’s weak to both the Ghost-type moveset and Ancient Power, which will be about a full third of your encounters with Giratina.

Are you able to level these up at all? Are they worth leveling up statwise? That can make a big difference.


It is hard to judge your team if I can’t see what options do you have.

Seeing your team as it is now, I think you could add one or more fresh caught Giratina (if you have) with ghost or dragon moves, as those will do super-effective damage on opposing Giratina and certainly will do more DPS (damage per second) than your Blissey.

Speaking on Blissey; don’t use them for raids. Blissey has pitiful DPS even with Dazzling Gleam. She can serve you more defending gyms and gathering daily coins. If lacking Giratina (as stated above) you could replace her with Ice Beam Mewtwo. If lacking these too, replace her with whatever high CP pokemon that can do at least neutral damage on Giratina, as even so it’ll do more DPS than Blissey.

However, if that is absolutely the best you have, then you could swap Blissey to the last spot, as she will stay forever on the battle and will never give any chance to your Ninetales to truly shine.