Is there gym etiquette?


Do you have a rivial? or is it just random trainers all the time


My neighbor is yellow, but he has pretty much given up taking our local 2 gyms back.


Just saw my Pokémon come home from the new Gym I can see from home at 11:52pm.
Our change over for the new day is 12:30am.
Got straight in the car and removed the wart. 4min is all they got.


My neighbor sent me message on Discord this morning asking me not to knock him out of our gym. I told him I would leave it there when I went back out but if it was still there when I got back home, it was going to be dead.


been going random new spots before midnight and knocking trainers out.




Hell yea @5GodLink


He probably won’t do it tonight because the Raptors will still be on.


O that y he not texting back


I took a gym in jersey went to new york, took a gym out there while i was at work, came back home and still had it cuz people in my area kno i will knock em out at 4am. Lol me n my crew be held up right on the gym when we all together, we literally met each other at our gym so we decide the etiquette on it. Not in a bully way either, if anybody team valor we let you rock out 50 coins we even give berries so that dying pkmns can stay longer but mystic or the yellow squad, sorry but head hunting on our gym. :wink:


I’m reporting each gym I get knocked out of after 11 to my other team members so they can take the gym back.


… What? Im assuming youre team Valor then? Ofcourse you wouldnt knock out your own teammembers. That would obviously be bad etiquette.
Other teams are fair play ofcourse.


Exactly and also its fun we have a rival group team mystic and we all cool but its too many of us for them to take over the gym but its all fun


I’m actually reporting all gyms I get knocked out of to my teammates, so they can minimize other team gain.