Is there gym etiquette?


It would be a bit of a return to the bad old days if that was implemented with over dominance of mass areas.


It’s just extra incentive to place mon even after you get your coins. i used to enjoy gyms last year but now as ex raids are easied i dont battle everywhere. More so i am more robotic, no longer venturing far and just where i have mastered. I am pretty sure many people are doing a daily routine, and it does get stale after awhile. Till then i shall get 50coins/day and be bored afterwards.

Especially the way i have made it that i play. I was honestly waking up to 50 coins a day. Drop certain places then never need to look at the game again till the next day.

Sometimes i even make it more dificult for myself to play at times i don’t play, so that i don’t drop mon when my team does. Making me have to go different places and treat it like a fresh new gym to conquer. Then there are times i just go back to my regular routine again.


  • Mostly take gyms in morning
  • Mostly take gyms in afternoon
  • Mostly take gyms at night
  • No special time of day

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On my way to work I get most of my gyms. On my days off, I get them anytime.


Just took 8 on way to bank


Got 8 just picking my son up from school.


The trainer that complained about me being a Pokémon bully on our local Discord just asked for a battle. Of course I was only one to answer and just got complete silence. Come on! It’s just a game!


They’ve really got the sads on with you.
There might be a good reason why no ones bothers to reply to them.


Yup even hour later. No responses. I even PMed her but just silence. Sad thing is she is my neighbor and I purposely put crappy monsters in our local gyms just to make it easier for her


Sounds like she has no friends in the Pogo Community yet everyone else is the problem.
I know the type, we have them too.


I just fought her 3 times in a row. All for free on my end because I already fought @Jaxxon8 3 times at midnight. But it was fun.


I was supposed to fight one of y’all after midnight and then everyone disappeared so sad


Probably me because I was fighting son


I’m Instinct. Not really in to etiquette. Mystic is very big here and they have no etiquettes. Valor is actually smaller than instinct here and the Valors have no etiquettes either. The Valors that are here are active and hi lvl but there are just a few gyms Valor can hold. Mostly because the Valor lives next to it. Sometimes the Instincts take almost all gyms here (Just not the beach). Did it lately all on my own, had to much resources so I just went for it. The only color was yellow (Never seen Mystics or Valors do that).


I just got knocked out of 2 of my gyms during 4th quarter of a tied Super Bowl. Not worried, I’ll take those gyms back in 5 hours.


There is one gym in town did you can’t hold for more than an hour the past days we are trying to trigger a ex raid


There is a gym on your way into Walmart in our town. One of my Instinct Ultra Friends took it like 3 minutes before I got there. So of course I knock him out. He knocked me back out before I even went in Walmart. Well, I just had to knock him right back out when I left the store. I’m still in there as I type this.


Good job I’m goin to hold my town hostage today


I don’t have time to do that. I just create paths of destruction whenever I have to go out.


I all ways do this on my first day off and on my second day it’s honey do list