Is there gym etiquette?


It would be a bit of a return to the bad old days if that was implemented with over dominance of mass areas.


It’s just extra incentive to place mon even after you get your coins. i used to enjoy gyms last year but now as ex raids are easied i dont battle everywhere. More so i am more robotic, no longer venturing far and just where i have mastered. I am pretty sure many people are doing a daily routine, and it does get stale after awhile. Till then i shall get 50coins/day and be bored afterwards.

Especially the way i have made it that i play. I was honestly waking up to 50 coins a day. Drop certain places then never need to look at the game again till the next day.

Sometimes i even make it more dificult for myself to play at times i don’t play, so that i don’t drop mon when my team does. Making me have to go different places and treat it like a fresh new gym to conquer. Then there are times i just go back to my regular routine again.


  • Mostly take gyms in morning
  • Mostly take gyms in afternoon
  • Mostly take gyms at night
  • No special time of day

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On my way to work I get most of my gyms. On my days off, I get them anytime.


Just took 8 on way to bank


Got 8 just picking my son up from school.