Is there a berry bug?


Hey there… Am I going crazy, or is there really some kind of berry bug in the new version?
I just caught a Kirlia after a raid and right afterwards I tapped on a newly spawned Wailmer… This Wailmer displayed that it had been fed a Pinapberry (I had used one on the Kirlia before), which of course had not happened.
The same only shortly after this with a Golden Razzbery…


Yes. It’s 1 of the 4 confirmed new bugs.
There are a lot of new bugs since the new update for sure.


Good to know, thanks


Which bugs?


This one is confirmed, this one too, and - maybe it’s not even a bug - but Pokémons in the Pokédex can’t cry anymore.
Maybe there are even more bugs in the game now.


It’s a glitch because if you use pinap berry it will only give you 3 candy


Maybe there eatimg that there not crying xD
Ok worst joke ever


I can conferm the confermed :crazy_face:. Had the same bug this morning.


I really don’t like it because if I space out when I tap on a Pokemon I’ll be like oh, I fed it a berry already, then catch it and get 3 candies.


Well, we just have to wait for the fix. Didn’t try to give it a berry wen there already was a berry symbol.

Try if you can. might help a little.


You can. And as far as as I can remember the given berry works just fine. It’s just wrong graphics.


I had it today too. I just gave him a second berry.


Yeah, that’s right.




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