Is something changing behind the servers


as from the last few hours, the game is close to unplayable for me. the pokeball spinning icon goes almost constantly, and every action takes forever. even transferring pokemon. i had to restart the app twice for a larvitar i had on my radar. and had to restart both game and phone several times to take down a level 6 gym. horrible. others experiencing something similar tonight?


Same problem. I am playing in Helsinki, Finland.


Yes, I’m in Valencia, Spain. I need two to three times touching for example a pokestop before it reacts


Same here. Everything unresponsive, pokeball spinning continuously.
- Romania.


They might be adding the gym rework


It’s sunday. Unlikely, but possible.


While I am not sure what exactly is going on behind the servers, I can certainly confirm that the app has been acting very odd lately. Yesterday I kept running into a problem with whenever I clicked on a gym my game would crash. I also have noticed a lot slower transfer of Pokemon as well as much faster refreshing of the nearby sightings. While I am not sure why this is happening, I feel as though we will find out sooner than not.


Same problem as well, things are taking a long time to load. I’m in NA.


i’ve had fair share of visual glitches over the past few days! not sure what to think tho


I’ve been having issues keeping my Go Plus connected. Dunno if it’s related, but it started making play difficult this evening.
Anyone else?


i used mine so much (London) not had problems on Go plus


That’s not the problem for me, but my sister has it. Maybe it has something to do with Phone version?


just update - still going smooth on my end!!! android user tho