Is Anyone Else Just Really Bored At The Moment?


Is someone else just disappointed with the lack of activity in the game. We are nearly at the end of the 2nd quarter with no gym rework, the one year anniversary is approaching fast and the random events are not enough to keep players entertained.
Maybe even another shiny pair would be nice, but I am getting bored with the game and fast.


I have a feeling that this gym rework is not coming in June as expected :frowning:


Same here. I’ve had numerous longer breaks already, entire months that I went without playing, because gameplay seems stale and none of the promised big reworks (gym rework, trading, more importance for the teams, etc.) have arrived yet.
What I’d love to see would be at least these things, and also cooperative events would be amazing. But the pace they’re going at my hopes aren’t high. It’s been almost a year and nothing about the gameplay has really changed despite promises. I still want to fill up my dex, but sometimes it’s just too much of a grind.


Kinda bored but found something new to do I’m looking at my 100%iv Pokémon and looking up legacy moves to see which ones I’m going to power up like I found a hypno from like week 3 of launch that was 100 % with confusion shadow ball I think it would make a good defender it’s only like 1170cp now with 110 hp and shadow ball was raised too 100 each bar !


I am bored because my account was blinded without of a reason. I have not even tested any of the maphacks out there but on the last day of the rock event I got super lucky and found all sort of cool pokemon. Very very annoying


Yeah, I personally don’t feel tracking should result in shadowbans. It just uses a lot of the same red-flagging technics as power leveling bots and spoofers.

Rocket maps admits they don’t have an answer. No one does, and it could take months.

I’m bored as hell too. Actually getting enjoyment outta jumping Magikarp.


How do you know you’ve been blinded? Do they tell you? What kind of mons are you no longer able to see?


I can see Pidges, rattata, marill, oddish, magikarp, goldeen, murkrow and few more. I created another account to confirm my suspicion and that one was able to see eevee and slowpoke at the same place


Focusing on powering up my Legacy moveset Mon’s to keep it interesting.


And I didn’t even realize we were almost ending the 2nd quarter. They are…WAY behind. There was, like, one big thing supposed to happen each go. The “big four” updates they promised us (PvP, trade, gym overhaul, and legends) were promised to us this year.

Halfway gone and nothing done.

I feel bad for the hopefuls who think we’ll see gen 3 this year…OR next.


Unown hunting is still fun, 25 to go
Shiny hunting is still out there for me

I could use a little gym rework for sure…


I’ve honestly just been doing my streaks the past couple weeks. I have my GO Plus on when I’m on my commute to and from Uni, but otherwise I’ve really stopped playing actively. Even the rock event was sort of pointless for me… there wasn’t a single larvitar anywhere near me after the first couple hours.