Introducing "Glass Cannon Squad"


Introducing my “Glass Cannon Squad” - for saving time gym battling, and for saving myself from gym boredom. :sleeping:
They are truly Glass Cannons - hits hard, but has so little health. :smile_cat:

The idea for a glass-cannon squad is to ram through the defender, and only dodge charge move, if you really have to. :triumph: Of course, you’ve gotta be potion- and revive-rich. :grin:

For anything weak to water:

  • 2634CP Kingler, Bubble + Water Pulse

For your fav Gyarados:

  • 2669CP Jolteon, Thunder Shock + Thunderbolt

For whipping Vaporeons:

  • 2229CP Victreebel, Razor Leaf + Leaf Blade

For true suicide against Espeons and Alakazams (each super effective against the other!):

  • 2566CP Gangar, Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball

For tree-trimming (truly amazing speed):

  • 2701CP Pinsir, Fury Cutter + X-Scissor

For your fav Dragonites:

  • 2455CP Jynx, Frost Breath + Avalanche

For when you just wanna watch flames on the screen:

  • 2813CP Flareon, Fire Spin + Overheat

For when you just wanna a cool cat that shreds almost everything (sorry alakazam…):

  • 2958CP Espeon, Confusion + Future Sight

Do you have a “glass cannon squad?” What’s it look like?


Awesome! An interesting idea to have a burn squad, never thought that it could be a viable strategy.


That would be a great team strategy to use when doing a gym raid with 10+ people battling a gym. High DPS / low HP mons that will be more resource efficient to revive & will also take less damage as there are so many battling at the same time. Nice one.
I shall suggest these on an upcoming raid to see how it impacts the take down time.


now if the raid were to come soon omg - HYPEEEE


You forgot the #1 glass cannon Alakazam… Kind of…


Mystic beat me to it. Cannot have a glass cannon squad without Mr. Deadshot himself, psycho-cut Alakazam.


(I didn’t include Alakazam in my Glass Cannon Squad because Ima annoyed at Niantic for nerfing my Alakazam - good IV, Psycho Cut + Psychic, powered up to 7000 stardust. Now a junk mon collecting dust in the storage… Also, 4 evolves since rebalance, no Future Sight…)

Besides Alakazam, which other glass cannon mon do you like to use in battle?


Alakazam vs Gengar is one of the fastest battles you will have…those two just savage each other in my experience


I tried picking up a squad to attack against each type based on what I have. This is not a glass cannon squad … but still has lot of variety in it …