Interview : By Pokemon


Every few days I will ask a question here, and you can answer. Nothing personal of course.


First Question: How did you figure out about Pokemon GO?


I believe it was through the internet, though it could have been the Super Bowl commercial :thinking: I honestly can’t remember


The trailer was discussed by Some poketubers and i was like omg Pokemon in real life is coming


Some dumb magazine xD


Somebody showed me the game and I installed PoGo as soon as I saw the game.


Wasnt really hyped up but friends got it, so I tried too only really started playing at the beginning of 2017 summer


I learned about pogo from my friends


Saw the trailer on youtube. The next day at work, my friend came yelling “omg, this Squirtle is so cute”. I wanted to play too, but I had a really crap android 4 phone. Started on september 2016.


Saw the trailer on Facebook when they first announced and I was hyped from the beginning :smiley:

Started playing when it first came so at July 2016


Was there a way not to know(Beside living under a rock like Patrick)? There where tons of ads, hypevids, social media and on every Pokémon or tech site there was something about Pokémon Go.

But had a phone that I couldn’t play on, so just waited and watched news on the background.
And now I’m hooked since the 18th of June.


When Raids came out :wink:


Next question is coming in 8 hours.


It was all over the news: a new game that made the world go crazy.


Thousands of people quit my summer camp one day, over 2 million people went to the Santa Monica pier!


What’s the next question?


Thanks for the reminder :star_struck::sweat_smile:


Next Question: What was your first “special” or rare catch?

Can be like anything rare, like Ninetales or Pikachu.


There are several special and rare Pokemon:
My first shiny - Snorunt
My first 100% IV - Exeggutor (evolved from Exeggcute)
My first legendary - Moltres
My first lucky Pokemon - Dratini
My starter - Pikachu
My first wild Pokemon - Weedle
My first mythical - Mew
I’m still waiting for my first Mewtwo and Unown.


My first three rare catches, in order, were Pikachu, Arcanine, then Ninetales