International Pokemon Go study


Heya trainer,
I’m Tan, a scientist as well as a Pokemon Go player, and I have recently launched an international research project on the effects of playing Pokemon Go on everyday life just out of love for the game. Thus, I’d like to invite you to participate in this research. You might also win some poke coins! For more information and for participation, please follow this link:
Please feel free to share this post in Pokemon Go groups or with individual players!
Thanks so much,
Dr Tan
*Edit: It would have never crossed my mind that people could think this study could be click bait, a scam, or a virus etc. It’s a legitimate study with ethical approval hosted on a website of the Federal University of Sao Bernando do Campo; the survey itself is on a google forms. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions.
**Edit: My account was (temporarily) suspended immediately after this post (I don’t know why). I thus cannot answer to any comments. Thanks to the people who checked everything!


Thank you @Tan, but I don’t like the idea of ‘winning PokeCoins’. :smile:


Not a virus or scam? Pinky promise?


Yeah. Not going to click on that link.


Cool b8 m8


Me as a Moderator I thought it was my job to check the link and it doesn’t seem to be a virus but as I’ve said earlier I’m not huge of a fan of the ‘winning PokeCoins’ part.


Joined 9hrs ago too


Guys it’s no virus link.
Checked it:

Also checked by which uses multiple scanners.

I will check the survey later since it’s 2am right now…