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Who got dark xm badge?i got a gold one


I also still have some gymbadges while the gyms have been removed a long time ago. Most of them during the roundabout cleanup.


Bronze apparantly. Didnt even knew what to do for it.
Working on AP at the moment to reach level 12. Ill worry about medals when i get there.


I will have to check if it’s still there. When the holiday money is in I will check. It’s near a shopping mall. @Brobraam might know if it is still there in " De Boogaard". The gymname is “De Pinguïns Standbeeld”.


“De Pinguins Statue”is removed. On the other side of the street there is a new gym named “Protestantse Gemeente - Nieuwe Kerk”


LVL 6 now




I’m almost L12


I need to go past Level 8 because as they say, Redacted client will only be active until September this year… I need to be at least Level 10 before that date…


Why? Cant you just download Prime?


Have used it during its initial release but aside from eating a lot of battery power and bandwidth, it also hogged my phone to almost rendering it useless for game play. Have deleted it outright and continue to play with the old Ingress App until Niantic deactivated it, so I stop for some time then, only when I know about the Redacted client that I reinstall and play Ingress again.

Maybe when I have fully owned my new phone will I try to download Prime again and up until Redacted is not working, only then will I ever try to use Ingress Prime, probably submitting my first portals with it, for future Pokestop or Gym in our place.


Aaaah, ok. I dont know how Prime runs. Havent used it yet either. Im only 1.1 million AP and 4 gold medals away from level 12. So im pretty sure ill reach that before redacted is deactivated.


Good for you, you are already passed Level 10…