Ingress Chat


I hit lvl 10 in ingress yesterday


WOW! Congrats! I’m still at 7…

Is POI submission already available at your app?


I’m only lvl 5…


That’s still easy as you go to 6 and up to 7, after that, the doubling AP required will be in the range of 1M++ already so from there will be more of grinding to the 10th Level :sweat_smile:


You play?


What color are u




How many AP to reach Level 10?


I hate Ingress and i hate the Ingress community.
Submission system cant come fast enough to PoGO… Too bad its probably still gonna be Ingress players deciding if something is “worthy” so problem is still there.


Just wondering if players need to be at site to approved portals/pokestop/gym, anyone knows?


They dont. They have to do that on a website from Ingress. So they have to check Streetview to see if the “thing” is actually there. Thats great if streetview hasnt been updated in 8 years…


I’m wondering how stops with just pictures of figurine statue got approved. Seems like a figure inside someones house…


You can get around that by submitting a 360° photo to streetview and within a few months it’ll become part of streetview as if the google vehicle itself took the photo.

Worked to get one of my portals approved.





I’m real low on resonators…


I’m completely out of it…


O geez


I got alot of good items