Information for playing Pokemon Go in Florida


I am on team mystic ( blue ). So listen i been checking out in lakend florida recently. One area in particular. I miss counted 40 pokestops. It is 60 pokestops.

It starts on lakeland hills blvd near 92 memorial near walgreens. Start there walk all the way up to police department, then walk straight you will start to see alot of pokemon stops in one area. They are randomly everywhere. An 8 gyms i don’t count those. I just spin the tops on gyms an move on. Unless its a lvl 1 or 2 raid i can do by myself most of the time.

But yeah, plenty of walking, pokestops, great exercise, make sure carry at least three bottles of water if your planing to loop walk the area, also money for food or bring food in bags but it might go bad because of suns rays or in backpack. Also, two more things. Bring your charger if you dont own a portable charger. Or bring your portable charger or chargers with you. Or both. There are plenty of places to stop eat an charge phones too. Its convient and great capturing, fast lvling up for sure, gym battles, an raids.

I walk there from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. once a month on one weekend.

But add me my friend code is 9478 2265 3114

Ill acept anyone across the world and anyone in florida or near me. Happy pokecatures! :v:


Nice, was in Florida when the game came out and enjoyed it. Will friend you soon. Cool story!!! I am in USA like you but in California.


What level are you @Wolfbelrog ? :smiley::relaxed: