Increased Item Drop Rate during the Rock event


Does anyone else fell like the “increased item drop” feels like it should be the base drop rate? I think 4 item base drop is kind of underwhelming for an increased drop rate and 3 items drops is just a disappointing (especially if you don’t live in a urban area). Anyone else feel the same, oppose, or not care? I’m interested to know what everyone thinks.


I have not noticed any change, 3 to 4 normally, sometimes a surprise when I got 6 to 8 without knowing why.
But really, the same happend before


Nothing changed for me…Still missing sunstone


For the first two nights of the rock campaign I stayed in my local hunting area and noticed no difference. Then I went to a fresh place and suddenly I was getting tons of stuff on every 5th or 6th stops!


I feel like my drop rates have been decent. I haven’t gotten any evolution items dropped, except for my seven day streak. But I get four items mostly and then quite a bit I get 6-8 items dropped. I think it’s been good.


Every 10th pokestops within a certain time will give 6-10 items. I’ve been getting 4 from everyone in between. I think it’s okay as too many drops will be forever filling out items bag.


I always got 3. During event 4. Soo agreed that is not a big upgrade


Having a full item bag is a problem I wish I would have to deal with lol.


1 in maybe 10 spins are 8-10 items for me during this event


im feeling an anecdotal boost specially every 8-10 stops, but even then theres a good feedback of more items drops on standard spins


Thought the same also but did my 7 day spin Sunday (21 May) after the event started & also got another couple over the last day. None since the prior 7day spin (14th May) though.
Overall item drops though, minimum 4 since the event started & normally 4-5 for normal spins, 8-10 for mega-stops & 25 for the 7 day spin.


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