Incense Spawn changes


Has anyone else experienced Pokémon created incense changing? I have had this happen 3 times. First times were during the water event, a Blastoise changed to Polywag and a Magikarp changed also. Today a slugma changed to a geodude. Pretty annoying, especially losing a chance at a Blastoise. I have only seen this happen when using incense.


Recently I had a skiploom change into a tangela i tried to take a pic of every step ( seeing if in the nearby, and the actual Mon in the poketop) but I ran into the white nearby glitch where I couldn’t see anything. But it’s wierd. (This was a regular spawn. Meaning no incense)


I have never encountered anything like this :confused:

I know Pokemon change when the nests change, but you kinda have to try to encounter these changes. For example, you go to a Geodude nest, tap on Geodude, wait till the nest change happens, capture Geodude and you end up capturing the newly-changed nest Pokemon. You have to time it well and I’ve seen people do this.

I’ve never heard of this happening on incense.


I haven’t noticed this. I’ll keep an eye out for this.


The lost opportunity at a Blastoise irritated me, but I didn’t give it thought until it happened again this weekends. I was hiking in the country and thought it might be fun to pop and see if anything unique spawned. Clicked the 'mon and boom, error then a new spawn. I’m sure it isn’t a unique problem to me, but given Niantic’s track record I doubt I ever get a response.