In-Game Chat (like in Ingress)


Here’s some thing that may create a little debate, (and if supported may hopefully be spotted by Niantic).

In Ingress, for those who’ve not played, there are two in-game chat channels. One for your team and one for all, both area restricted (you can adjust within reason). While it (during the year+ I played Ingress) did result in some accusations of cheating, it did create a decent local community. Not just for my own side (Resistance), but also for the game. We would occasionally have cross team meet ups and general chat and there was a good social scene. I always felt PoGo has been missing this, and I’m certain a certain amount of accusation of cheating would be quashed by finding there really is that person in the area and talking to them. (ok won’t stop spoofing, which is/was unfortunately rampant in my area by the number of high tier Tyranitars that appeared within 2 days of Gen 2 going live, and the large number of 90%+ IV Blissys some people seem to have).


Yea i would love this. Hope fore a chat to come together and hunt. Im instinkt and there is not many of us here i live so when im taking down gyms, their gone in 24 hours. Chat would let my instinkt team that gym is down and ready for training


I think it could be really cool. It would definitely strengthen that social element that Niantic keeps saying they want to have in their games.
Then again I still also see a lot of children and young teens walking around playing PoGo, and I would to a certain extent worry about the impact a chat like that could have on the young player base. Meeting up in the neighborhood is fine and everything if it’s all adults who exercise the proper caution. Not so much with kids.


Having an in-game chat feature would help the game to be less boring and stagnant. It would be cool to meet up with your team members to take down gyms together. It would have to be moderated in some way, though, to prevent abuse of the system.