Important dates and events in October


1.Deoxys EX raids,1 October and 2 October

2.Safari zone in Erfurt,Germany,5 October to 7 October

3.Beldum Community day,21 October

4.Mewtwo goes away,23 October

5.Halloween Event(in the end of October)

These are the important dates and events next month!


23rd last day of Mewtwo


Thx,i will edit.


Erfurt isnt a Safari zone event. Its a convention for games, cosplay and comics and such. Whatever will be there in PoGO will probably be the same as at other events like gamescom or RTX. So just a few unowns spawning extra.

And number 5 is speculation isnt it? Nothing is announced yet.


You forgot Suicune Field research - Shiny Krabby/Kingler - New Spinda form on October 1st, @Kevin_v_Hoften.


They will do it :smirk_cat:. Niantic hasn’t quit on us yet.


Well i also didnt see an Equinox event so yeah, they very well might…




I’m guessing Halloween event will start on Thursday, the 25th.


And end on the second.


Since Halloween is on a Wednesday, they might run it through the whole weekend afterwards.


We find out about Psychic event 1 day notice. Don’t you think anyone could have “predicted” that?


I predicted it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was already wondering why Drowzee was a tier 1 raid.


Dang it you edited profile photo


You too.




It has been confirmed by Niantic.