I'm 3/3 on this Experiment Summoning 98 IV Legendaries or Higher



So I’m a long time lurker on here and just joined.

I’ve been trying this experiment and I’m 3/3.

For Suicune I started a raid with two shuppets (cp 10 and 135) and when the raid finished a 1613 Suicune showed up.

So I did another one with the 10 cp shuppet and a lowly Mareep and a 1610 Suicune showed up.

Today I used two Wobbuffets and a Amphoros and I caught a 2218 Ho-Oh

So I’m wondering if there is an inverse correlation to the how weak your team is vs how high the IV of the raid boss in the bonus round.

Anyone wanna try this experiment?

It’s likely a fluke but worth a shot


it sounds interesting.I will try it


Excellent, I have the perfect 22cp Shuckles That I can use to test this one. I’ll post the IV’s when the raid comes. They just ended here, will have to try tomorrow. I’ll call it a success if it’s 90% or above.


VERY interesting, I definetly have to try this (I often get low IVs, but my brother with shitty mons keeps getting high rolls)


Could be possible definitely. My 2nd account had a 1930 cp entei run (100IV) and it was level 23 so bad pokes
I did a jolteon raid with my raid group and used only geodude and cubone
100% IV
I don’t know, it needs more experimentation but sounds pretty cool anyway :slight_smile:


@Thorend shouldn’t this be in researchers unite


So I understand this?
You pick 2 crappy Pokemon as the first 2 up in battle and the rest of your team is made up of the strong ones?
How bad do those Pokemon need to be?
I picked a couple of 900CP Rhyhorns today to start a Scyther Raid. End result was a 82%IV Scyther.
I might give it another go after saving some Go Plus Candy Fodder.


Thinking about this a bit more and my use of 900CP Pokemon against what ended up being a 1379 Scyther. It has me wondering if there is something in making sure the Pokemon you use are at least half the CP of what the end Pokemon could be.
Much like the old Gym system of training Gyms up quicker by using Pokemon at least half as big as the one you were training up against.
I shall put this to the test. I just need to know what the lowest possible CP of the Raid Boss could be as that would be my measuring point to be half or less than that. I’m sure I have some 200-400 CP Snorlax or Lapras that would be good for this.


The ones I picked were really really low. I’m wondering if you have to be the lowest in the raid group and survive the raid. There might be an algorithim that says “you beat the raid boss with the weakest pokemons so you get the best reward”


My test of this: I entered my raid like this to test it out

Unfortunately I didn’t actually get to battle the raid, as this happened and my app crashed.


Did two Ho-oh raids today, in the first only one guy had a weak mon at start (Magikarp) and he caught a 2217
On the second, we all used crappy mons, and not only did we get rather average Ho-oh, something very strange occured:
When our last mon died, we got stuck, just as if you tried to dodge but got killed in the process
However, we didnt try to dodge at all, and it was also our last mon
Whats even more surprising is that it seemed like we could STILL do damage!
Thats quite ridiculous, but pretty damn awesome


This glitch where the Pokémon gets stuck in some kind of limbo is fairly common for me. The Pokémon that’s in limbo finally dies…only when the raid boss uses its charge attack. Otherwise, you have an immortal Pokémon. From my experience it’s most common with Water and Psychic types, but that could just be coincidence.


This only ever happens to me if I try to dodge but get that lovely bug, and my mon dies right away if he’s the last one


Tried it tonight and got a 2207. Going to try again tomorrow night and see what the results are and I will report back.


As I read this, are you saying the Ho-oh came out as a spawn after the raid or ? So far this has not worked for me regardless of how low end the mons are. At least it doesn’t take long to go through the team that way. I’d like to think something like this is a “thing” because most of the raids at the gym by me are above L3 and I’m usually by myself. Actually, that’s about true throughout my area.



Where you Catch shuppet in surrounding or in raid? Or it is possible to Catch suicune right now?


I’ve given this a couple of goes now on low tier raids.
No big IV results.


It is possible or not to Catch sucine in present day or future?


No its not
And this retarded 30 word minimum needs to go