If Pokemon had more than 2 types



If Pokemon had more than two types what Pokemon’s types do tou think would be different? And with new types how good do you thibk they would be?


Gyarados- Water/Dragon/Dark
Dragonite- Dragon/Fairy/flying/Water


Charizard- Fire-Dragon- flying


Bug psychic flying






Decidueye- Grass/Ghost/Flying
Incineroar- Fire/Dark/Fighting
Vikavolt: Bug Electric Flying


Ursaring-fighting normal steel


How is it related to steel?


The big one, which as already mentioned, is finally giving Charizard a dragon typing.

Off the top of my head:

Beedrill - bug/poison/flying
Psyduck/Golduck - Water/Psychic


I’d imagine he’s saying he’d give him steel moves. There are a few that I feel that way about. For example, I could always see Ninetales as Fire/Psychic …


Farfetch’d - Normal/Flying/Fighting
Marrowak - Ground/Fighting
Kangaskhan - Normal/Dark


Why is kangaskhan dark?


I just always sort of imagined it that way. I know it’s supposed to be the parental type, but there was just always something sinister about it to me. lol

It does already learn a few Dark moves (Crunch, Bite, Sucker Punch), so I would just add a few more.


Blissy; normal psychic fairy


Psychic Blissey?


Because of psychic type moves


Zapdos Electric Dragon Flying
Moltres Fire Dragon Flying
Articuno Ice Fairy Flying


Raikou electric Dragon Fighting
Entei fire Dragon Fighting
Suicune Water Ice fairy



Milotic deserves dragon typing