I was so hyped to get Mew via Quests, until i read that one specific task


I just caught my first shiny magikarp yesterday but it’s an awful IV. Not sure if I want to invest 400 candies on it.


Yes I noticed that after several days of grinding for stardust.


You can try to find another shiny Magikarp and evolve that one. But I found like 640 Magikarp and still don’t have a shiny.

It’s all up to you what you’re gonna do.
I’m a collector, so I’ll do that, but furthermore it’s up to you


If you do complete ex raids the whole point of quests would be nothing. Quests are for rurals.
And u can catch unown in an event


Finding water is hard


Aww that’s typical! My friend has a shiny magikarp and it’s 10cp so they’re the same in not wanting to waste 400 precious candy on it.


If you live in small towns and a way to go out in country use incense. I caught most of my magikarp’s that way. I completed the mew quest in 3 days cuz of it. I also almost have enough candies to do a 3rd one. Because of that part of quest they should do a magikarp day for other people to finish it


Yes I’m a collector as we’ll. I’ll evolve it. Just hurts to spend all that time getting cany on a looser. Regardless I’m psyched to get my red one!


This task is forcing my son to evolve his first Gyrados and giving me another attempt to find a Shiny Magikarp and get my first red Gyrados. My daughter only has the red Gyrados and she lets us know that all the time. Now she can get her first blue one. We all have to do 10 raids during this step. We only do a few per week, so we can all spend a few weeks completing this stage together.


This Kanto event will help massively - double candy so with a pinap 12 candy per Karp plus 2 for transferring.


Also buddy distance is cut in half. Only 1/2 km per Magikarp!


Look at what I caught as I was getting my 400th candy today!


@Jormdeworm yeah I’ve caught over 400 swablu and still don’t have a shiny lol


May I ask you how many karps you’ve seen (not caught) right now? Then I know if shiny Magikarp is on my way or not😶 Seen 548 now and still no shiny. It’s literally going to be funny that I can’t find them😂


OK, here, just do this. Start doing Magikarp raids, and catch tons of them with pinap berries. You’ll only need 67 pinap berries and Magikarps. When it’s raining, Magikarp is just a treat near some lakes, since pokemon usually spawn near their own type surroundings, and a rainy day will boost the spawn rate. If you do this, I predict, it will only take you about 30 days to farm up 400 Magikarp candy.


Especially with double Candy


These things would be impossible to work towards, especially for rural players with no local players.


Only 1 Shiny since I started playing 21 months ago.


It took over a year for me to collect 400 magicarp candy. After the past three days visiting local pokestops, our accounts now have 1700-1800 magicarp candy each. You really shouldn’t have any issue getting enough magicarp to evolve during this event.


it can get even worse…