I was at lakeland florida with mystic an few valors and I caught a shiny Articuno


I got a shiny articuno. Took 3 tries. Caught two regular articunos. Third try shiny appeared. Finally my first shiny legendary pokemon. I am team mystic too. So it is perfect for my team. First articuno cp is 1489, second cp 1890, and shiny cp 2875. :v::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Guy next to me at raid got Shiny Articuno on first raid at 2. Not me though. Best was a 96%. I also only caught 3 out of 5 raids I did.


I only participated in 3 raids. Then gone home. Fun it was. But im tired now.


Cool that you had a good time I got losses because I was in a raid with 6 players and halfway through it made it so I was the only player battling it. I didn’t get it obviously but since I am on 6/8 of special quests so it helped with battle in ten raids


I never even saw a raid as I was on holiday


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