I survived my 1st year in Pokémon Go



Today, 18th of June, I’m playing for a year now. I have done not to bad if I say so my self.

*Got to lvl 36
*Caught 15188 Pokémon
*Filled up my Pokédex with 433 caught and 464 seen.
*Spin 8695 stops
*Did 2064 gymbattles
*Defended gyms for 13158 hours
*Walked 1964,5km




The first year is the most important year, happy birthday ! :cake:


Congratulations @MrHeineken88 LV40 this year???






That candle was lit by a spark, no doubt. Congratulations, @MrHeineken88.


Congrats man


:clap:t2:Great to hear it​:+1:



I will be getting mine a couple weeks before Halloween