I didn't know that these were in gifts


Just get like 25 friends and send them all gifts every day and open gifts and you will be fine.


I have 28 friends. But still i continue. Just making a statement. Anyways. Back to catching pokemon.


I really dont need them now btw. I dont even have the pokemon for them. Nice to have some is all but im fine without them for awhile.


I caught me a ditto but it was shape of whismur. Form of it. I needed whismur oh well.


That happened to me, I wanted to catch a pidgey because I could evolve it but it transformed into a really weak ditto, and since I already have 10 stronger ones it was an immediate transfer.


These Evo items are not of much use right now if you already used them to evolve I would just keep 2 of each, just in case


Haha, I gifted you rare but not too useful items


I used one…


Sure, feel free to do it


Still have only got one. Probably for the best.