I didn't know that these were in gifts




They are in gifts since the gifts were released (I expect you mean the Evolution Item).


Always been available, just not very common thankfully.
Trash so many of the evo items a month. I only hang on to 3 of each. Any extra gets trashed.


We should get stardust for discarding items.


Yes please! Maybe xp to…


Exact same, I have 3 of all except for sun stone as that has more use in the future.


Wow. News to me!


The only acceptable return for discarding stuff would be coins. Billions of times more useful than XP and stardust, full stop, and would resemble the main series


I get them from everyone I just got one from @joshhack


Wow. I remember metal coat, kings rock, and sun stone was only in pokestops. Ty for info. Heard sun stone is hardest one to recieve. Use to get alot of kings rock an metal coats from pokestops. Now i checked today an wow its rare to get one of them now. Even in gifts. Huh.

But ty! n,n


I still have only ever obtained one of these items.


I have obtained 4 of all the items from all the gifts I got, 3 were from @Mew1


Still waiting for metal coat. Got 3 kingrock’s. Hope Gifts will get me metal coat soon.


@MrHeineken88 metal coats and sun stones hardest ones to get.


Also got me a sunstone.


I’ve just deleted 10+ Sun Stones because I get them way too much…

I also randomly got a few Metal Coats out of PokeStops.


I keep 5 sun stones and 3 of the others, 2 of uprgade. Sun stone gets use in future gens


I think I have 8 Sun Stones left or so…


Im lvl 20 an dont have single one. Opened 28 gifts not a dang one. So its really rare for me.


I miss the beta days just spin pokestops get kings rock, metal coats, and sun stones like crazy. Now they lower the chances getting even one of them by alot.