I did not get my Quest reward


I just finished my Task with a Dratini as a reward, but the Dratini didn’t appear! Anybody ideas?

Some helpful things:

  • I collected it like 5 minutes after I finished the Task.

  • I still had a waiting Task what I also finished. Reward is an encounter. Didn’t tap on it, I don’t dare that.

  • I had 4 Tasks, all with Encounters

Has this been happened to someone else?
Do you know if it is safe to collect the other Encounter?
What has been happened?
Please let me know. I appreciate that.


first thought:
you have 4 tasks? that shouldn’t be possible, 3 is the max. the 4th is most likely a reward you still have to claim. If so, perhaps your dratini reward would be the 5th and perhaps the log can’t handle that?
complete another quest or reward and see what happens?

also, your dratini reward is most likely the 4th in your log, you just need to claim it.


The Dratini still didn’t appear btw

Note: This is the other Task I was talking about. Not the ‘Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon’ Quest


i’d just claim that reward you have sitting there.

question: how do you know dratini is your reward for your catch dragon quest? it is possible quests have other rewards.


Found on GO Hub it could be a Dratini and nothing other has been found with this Task. But I didn’t get anything from this quest.


then i’m out of ideas. IMO, just claim rewards you have and go on and don’t look back :sweat_smile:


Yes. I think I’m going to complain to Niantic. Not that I need this Dratini, but it would be awssome for candies. Thanks for trying to help me.


When I completed 7th research stamp this morning, first time I clicked it, I got Pokeballs, stardust, etc. when I clicked it 2nd time was when I got Moltres encounter.


Today I had the special field reward to catch moltres, which i did succeed. I even took a screen shot because I was wicked excited since I did not have one. When I went to look at my pokedex, it wasn’t there. It wasn’t in the journal either. any ideas? I want to contact support but cannot find an email. help please. and thank you.


and when you caught the moltres, is it actually in your pokedex?


It wasn’t a Stamp Encounter fortunately🙂


Btw the Pokémon haven’t appeared yet, don’t think I will get him🙃


HE JUST APPEARED! I collected an other encounter and the Quest returned back, so I finally caught my Dratini!


I made sure I took a screen shot yesterday.




I know, it’s weird


Got it too but screen post is too big🙃

Lol this worked.


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