How went your Mareep CD?


Mine went just fine. I caught enough to evolve 3 Ampharos.


I had a great community Day - caught 2 shinies and enough candy to evolve three to four Ampharos!!


Got 12 shinies out of 225 encounters so I did pretty well, I also found a 100% Mareep at s lure that I evolved. However I continued my streak of never getting an 80% or higher shiny from a community day. Overall though, I can’t complain!


I can evolve to four Ampharos, but I preferred to have shiny Mareep lol


I caught 78 Mareep (I caught every single one that popped up, two fled, but our small local park is not that great, even when all four stops are lured up, but still the best location for community days), and after 2 hours and 50 minutes I had caught 2 shinies (bad IVs, but still shiny!) and had almost given up on finding a third one to be able to keep one of every evolution stage…
But then - literally last minute - I clicked on the last Mareep that popped up - shiny! I got it on time, it remained shiny :grinning:

But I heard from the others around that shinies were rarer than Dratini or Bulbasaur before (one from our group didn’t get a single one, most got 1 to 2), so I guess I was just lucky. I wish I had that luck with shiny Magikarp - it keeps evading me…

I evolved one Flaaffy (for shiny) and two Ampharos (one normal, one shiny) and I’m still at 509 Mareep candy (I know there are people with thousands… )
The best Mareep I caught was a nice 96% IV, my best one yet.

We also did three Latias raids around the community day hours and I caught all three.

Personally speaking, I had a great time :grin::heart_eyes:


I caught loads of them not, only 49 (most of them with Pinap) because I was hunting for a shiny. Next CD I catch them all, shiny if the shiny comes I’m lucky but now I know that’s a better idea


As long as you shiny check every one, there is no need to catch 'em all (pun intended :wink:) .
I was able to do so, because I had time and enough Pokéballs and berries, and I can understand everybody who doesn’t want to do it. Three hours of catching the same Pokémon one after another really is boring - almost dull work.

But I also know myself… if I don’t at least try to catch all, I surely would miss the good IV ones…


I caught 4 shinies (Yes, four!) and got seven CDEM Ampharoses, one being 93% and two being 91%


you made me jealous (basically, I’m not, but you were very lucky☘️)


I know, I feel so privileged! ( And after the event, I caught my third shiny Aron! )


I don’t have a Shiny Aron, but well done!


got 74 mareep and 7 shiny




Thats much mareep
And even catching A 100iv


I got 4 shiny too!


4 shiny mareep.
1 666 cp mareep.
Saw 1 Blastoise (didn’t catch in favor of 666 cp (we were driving))
2 dratini
Dex Shelgon and Milotic from egg+candy boost.


I would have had enough to evolve 4, but I kept switching accounts with my daughter when the incense ran out. Then I’d switch back to my own. So we both got enough for 2 Ampharos. Both kids have school tomorrow, but ill be available later on if someone wants to raid.


No. I was at 3 within the first 2hrs then ended up on 7 in the last hour.


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