How was your Zapdos Day?


I did more than 25 raids and didn’t got a single shiny :sob:
Now I decide to get it from best friends
Am having ultra friends but I don’t want to waste 80k Stardust on same looking Normal and shiny Zapdos 'w’itch


5 shinies, 3 98% IVs (one was shiny). Did 32 Raids. It was a fun 3 hours.


How many raid passes you got?


Wooow urban!!


Oops wrong screen shots those were a friends these are mine. 7shiny 1 is a hundo shiny


93 left :grin:






Why did you all have so many passes? I only got 5!
I played 5 raids, in 2 of them there was only 2 people and we could not kill the Zapdos, so then I decided to take a train and go to Akihabara, and obviously there there were thousands of people playing.
I completed 3 raids, captured 2 Zapdos and lost 1.



That’s cramming a lot into the 3hrs.
Are you running from poor IV’s in order to get to the next as quick as possible or catching while moving to the next one?


Catching while moving for the most part. We had 10 accounts in two cars. We were finishing the battle while stationary then someone would catch for the driver while we were in transit. We only ran from bad IVs when gyms were really close.


Sounds like you had a good time!:hugs:


34 raids done with a group of 16 accounts. did 31 myself, missed 1 due to error on start battle, on due to drifting too far from gym while the rest was queueing (switched to hotspot phone), and the very last raid with 33 seconds left before it disappeared half of the group got errors.
All but one in the group got atleast 1 shiny.

got 1 shiny, my GF got 3. Got a 15 att 96% and a (already maxed) 15 att 93% shiny.
Current record for my city is 37 raids; without ‘queue and drive’. We just queue, battle and thén drive.
And seeing Reversal’s video where he was speedlocked at least twice, i’m happy we do it this way.


Our group was a bit smaller than on Articuno day, but it was OK. 2 of our usual co-players were at a wedding, 2 others who also played for the first two made their own group and tried Wafu-Raiding… but they only managed to do 3 or 4 more than we did with our normal speed. I guess gyms are just too far apart here.
We again managed to do 20 raids, two of the birds fled me. I got 1 shiny (87% IV, could be worse), my best Zapdos was a 96% IV (15 attack).
I’m quite happy with that and I’m looking forward to Moltres day, that will probably be unlockable at Yokosuka Safari Zone…:star_struck::heart_eyes:

Oh, and I reached Level 40 just after the last raid :smile:


Good work on level 40! I only got 6 raids done because I had limited time to do them in a relatively low density area. There were enough people though


bought boxes in the store with passes in them. We only got 5 free passes like everyone else.


5 free passes
Isnt that enough for whole zapdos day?


check out Reversal’s video:

Don’t mind the title.
He was 65 minutes late to start on zapdosday and did insanely much raids.
That’s the difference between rural - urban with hardcore group.
It all depends on where you live/play and who you know if 5 passe are enough.


Best. Day. Ever.


0 is enough for me…:sweat_smile: