How was your Mewtwo Month?


sucks since I seem to can’t find a group that wants to raid.
a decent group of 10 but no my luck seem to suck to find a group to raid.
My BF did found a group but only like 3 out of 10 gotten Mewtwo at the end. And it happened only once…
Anyone from the NYC area so i can ask for a raid group?


7/9 so far


1/1 so far what about you @Mew1


@Pokemon, 2/4 since Mewtwo month has started, still looking for the ice beam Mewtwo


Wow, one of the ones you got was with me, and high IV :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I got a 91 with 15 attack the other day


Oh, the best, I see.

Good moveset?


Both psychic type


10/13 so far



I’m almost proud of this😂


Hopefully you can get one before it leaves


Probably not but I believe it will come to the Breaktrough Box very soon. I don’t give up though.


One, one mewtwo


I just peeked into my Pokédex and was surprised by this - for me - high number of 43 seen.

But we didn’t do 41 raids… when we get bad IV ones we trade, I guess that counts towards this number, too.


done 37 raids including the EX raids (21). always had a 100% catchrate, until yesterday where the bugger just wouldn’t stick. Still after all those (EX) raids, my best is a 93%.
in the end, not happy with this event at all. Catchrate gone and still no high IV.


I’ve got that touch with legendaries, for catching them.
If you count for me and other people, I have caught a good 65 legendaries…


We are gearing up to do last raids tomorrow and Sunday before Mewtwo is gone.


My dad caught 2 100% Mewtwo…I did 50 Raids no 100%…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Only 50, got to love the RNG.
I’m on 120 as a T5 and 141 including Ex Raids with no 100%.


I’ve only done 8 raids and caught 7. I plan to do 2 more on Community Day.