How was Your Community day




It’s now just over 30min since the CD has finished.
Shiny drop rates were looking terrible in the first 60min with 0 Shiny. The family accts also saw 0.
The next 90min saw me getting 6 with a 7th coming in the last 30min.
As it turns out this seems to be a high number with many reporting between 1-3 catches.
Evolved a 100% I had in the bank along with a decent IV Shiny.
Might do a few more as I’ve got Candy to burn having over 7K before the event even started.

The Green Budgie was a Trade no a catch


May the shiny odds be ever in your favour


Ended up playing for 90 minutes. Got 8 shinies


It took EXTREMELY long to find the first Shiny, (i think it was between the 75-100 clicks?), but ended up with a new Community Day Shiny Record: I got 16 Shinies in 500+ Shiny Checks. My previous record was 15 Shiny (Piplup/Treecko) during the Community Day Three Hour Window, Eevee excluded.

And I got this!!!:

It was also the only Rhyhorn with good IV’s besides one I got traded after the event.


299 Caught. 12 shiny’s none of them very good.
We did get two 100%'s though, so together with the one i still had that makes for 3 nice hundos with the special move.
I did some trades aswel after it ended but out of 74 trades only 3 ended up lucky, none of them worth evolving.

A good day :slight_smile:


I think Niantic did a great job with this CD. I like the idea of voting for CD Pokemon. They also made Rhyhorn easier to hit and catch. There were many Rhyhorn spawns. Also it was so much better to play now with all the new Poke stops and Gyms. The weather was perfect, it was sunny so Rhyhorn was weather boosted. I caught many good IV and high CP Rhyhorn (unlike some previous CDs). I found my first shiny in the first hour and it had high CP. After that I found three more. I caught 118 Rhyhorn. I collected over 550 candy so I ended up with 1620 candy at the end of the CD. I used star pieces during entire CD and got over 100,000 stardust. I evolved 12 Rhyperior with Rock wrecker and a few Rhydon with the remaining candy. As a cherry on top I found my first Audino and I defeated Giovanni and won a shadow Raikou! :sunglasses: This was one of the best CDs for me! :smiley:


None of the shinies has 3 stars, but I guess they are good for PvP.

My highest CP shiny before evolving.

Rhyperior with 2 :star: in its name has 100% IV and I will power it up for sure to level 40.


I was at work for training, so I was only able to play for 20 minutes during my lunch break. Got 3 Shinies though. So I accomplished my goal of getting at least 1 shiny for all 3 forms.


Regional. Here we are in a storm that has the same name as my sister. Not a big problem, 5 minutes of rain and just gusts of wind all the time. A minor inconvenience, just like when we were kids :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside, yeah definitely a good CD. The Ryhorn were active though. Lots of jumping and attacking. I had 450+ ultra balls. All of those are gone now.


I had a completely different experience. I was surprised how easy it was to catch Rhyhorn, mostly caught them on the first try. I used a regular Poke ball for CP under 1000, Great ball for CP 1000-1200 and Ultra ball for CP above 1200.


Great CD caught first shiny 5 min in then had a dry spell for 45 min. Wife’s account got 7 within the first 1 hour then she had to leave. It was sunny here so they were all weather boosted. Although none of my shinies were 3-star I did get a a couple of 2-star ones that’ll be great for my B raid teams (not that I have to use my B raid teams often) and I caught my 4th shiny sneasel from a glacial lire.


Got a dozen shizzly rhymenoceruses. The one with best IVs came from research. Plus a bonus lucky hundo from trading the dregs with Mrs c. :+1:


This CD is very good for me even though it’s not weather boosted today (yesterday and tomorrow will be sunny), 9 shiny caught and 200k dust gained in 3 hours play. An army of rockers is ready for raid.

Rhyhorn is closer than before so it is easier to hit nice, great oe even excellent throw, however Rhyhorn jumped and attacked alot, sometimes it costed 3+ balls to hit it due to wrong timing


Pretty nice event. Four shinies on one account and nine on the other. Evolved four high-level Rhyperiors on both.

What pleased me most was that Rhyhorn was closer than usual. Made it much easier to catch.


Only 2 shinies but I played for about 2 of the 3 hours. Just bad luck this time. I usually get 4-6 shiny. Over 55k stardust though so I’ll take it.


For community day I went to The Hague. Walked with @Autofan1985 for ~1 hour, got to do a lucky trade and then he continued in a car. I kept walking around for half an hour and went home after that. Found 1 shiny at home for a total of 9 shiny Rhyhorn captured


After 1 hour the weather crashed en the spawns where mostly gone. What I learned too late is that 5km from where I was it was great. So my guess is that the gameserver had an issue retrieving the weather data for my location.


Again I had to play with knowing that a migraine attack was in the making, and it hit me halfway through the CDay… :exploding_head: That’s why I’m only writing today.

In the first hour I got nothing, in the next hour I got 2 shinies, and in the last hour when I was already on my way home I got three more.
158 Rhyhorn seen, 5 shinies, that’s OK for me. We had a weather boost for the full three hours, but I couldn’t find any really great IV ones.
I evolved my 15/14/15 Level 35 Rhyhorn that I had caught some time ago and kept from evolving for that occasion, and two other high-level ones and one for Ultra League.

We were a lot of players in the park this time, we also did a raid at one of our EX raid gyms. We were 17 or 18 accounts. I can only hope there were others raiding there in last few days, too, cause I could really use a second Regigigas, even if it’s just for trading…