How was Your Community day


Mine wasn’t too bad, not sure on catch stats other than I got 6 shinies through the 3 hours. Cold but sunny here in south west UK which was good.


I was late a bit, so only 2.5 hours… but got 3 shinies in first 10min - ending up with 18 shanies :slight_smile:
not as much luck in regards IV - the best i got was FEE - well, for now it is enough, better than the best I had before


I walked to spin all my new Poke stops and Gyms. It’s much better to play now and I also got many new spawn points around those Poke stops and Gyms. I found 5 shinies, more in the last hour. Unfortunately, all the Piplup I caught had bad IVs, but I saved several great IV Piplup from before and I evolved 7 Empoleon, 1 shiny, 2 lucky and 4 regular. I hatched many eggs and got 2 new Pokedex registers. All in all, it was a good CD for me.

My highest CP shiny Piplup


It was all right. The cool stuff happened to the side of Community Day.

  • Two new entries
  • 98% Oshawott Hatch
  • 96% Venipede Hatch
  • 96% Deino Lucky Trade


IMO one of the best CD (at least for me) over 250 checked and caught, 16 shinies (some might have gotten away since I was using the Pokeball plus)
Plus a lucky Venipede trade
Hatched a tirtouga
And caught a hundo zigzagoon


I had to play at work where I only have 1 pokestop. Made the best of it though and ended up with 4 Shinies. Evolved 4 new Empoleons at the end with plenty of candy left over.


Caught 3 shiny in the first hour, 0 in the next hour, and 3 in the last hour. Highest CP is 800+, so it’s evolved to Empoleon. Also caught a 96%IV but low level Piplup, which also got evolved to Empoleon.


I had people over for the NFL playoffs today so I didn’t get to really participate, but I did have to run out and grab more ice and got a shiny Piplup on my one and only try. :smiley:


I played for about 2 hours and got 4 shinies. I didnt try super hard though. I was more interested in hatching extra eggs.


Played the full three hours. Got an exceptionally good community day counting shinies. On par with swinub. 16 shinies!

I already had the hundo but I evolved it at community day.


Community day poll!

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The Pokemon featured this CD was…

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Hey guys! Long time no chat. I wasn’t able to log in for some time on my phone and it was majorly cramping my style but today I was able to get in :tada: ANYWHO, missed having @Thorend around for CD but otherwise it went swimmingly. It was hard to keep up with this ever-hatching eggs though. (But hellooooo dust :pray:t3:)


Then Wateringseveld was the better place with 17 shinies. :wink:


Lol I never got more than 16 shinies on a CD.


Delft city centre is better for eggs though lol


I wonder if the spawn rate was upped. I can’t remember I have ever gotten over 400 encounters during Community Day, and I didn’t even play for the whole three hours this time!


As a shiny it deserved a Meh - but that wasn’t an option.

I didn’t really like it much, but don’t particularly dislike it.


I was only able to play for about 5-10 minutes, but I did get a couple shines out of the 20 piplups I saw.

Really happy there was a good amount of them, still isn’t the best ratio but for me it was great this time.



I’m excited for ryhorn community day even though my strongest arsenal of pokemon is Rhyperior (6 over 3,000 cp ranging from 82% to 100%