How to get a spiritomb?


So I i got mine through the halloween quest but apparently if you didn’t have an account for the event (e.g. new) or were inactive during the event the quest isn’t available? So how do you think spiritomb will be made available and how to catch more?


That is the only way to get one. It’s currently not available through any other means


You could get it from trading


Good one!!


If you have an under 13 account then my solution is hopefully they make it research breakthrough


I wouldnt trade…its a special trade, and kind of a rare pokemon


It will probably be back next Halloween


The quest will be available, again, in Halloween 2019. So anyone that didn´t do it this one, will get it next year.


At the slow rate Gen 4 is rolling out, we will still probably be getting new ones next Halloween.


lol i got it the 2nd round of the quests, is that supposed to happen?


Yes…there were only 3 stages to that quest


I think I completed that quest in 2-3 days, but my son just got his Spiritomb like last week.