How To Fix Lucky Pokemon!



WOW THERE IS A NEW FEATURE, LUCKY POKEMON ARE COMING! We were all hyped. Until we realized that luckies are only obtainable by trade. So I have quite a few ideas to make them good.

  • They will always have a increase in IV, unless it is already 100IV

  • International Trade, so people can get more

  • Xp for getting one

  • No stardust to power up, and 1 less candy for a power up

  • One per day, per friend

  • Obtainable through encounter, One per day.

  • Obtainable through eggs, One per day.

These will make Lucky pokemon so much luckier. Better IV’s, xp, and stardust value would make people actually want to get one.


And make it for encounters


And NO Stardust as we thought first.


@Jormdeworm and @Kevin_v_Hoften I added your ideas.


Maybe get them from eggs?


Maybe… but trading and catching is enough


If we can get shinies from eggs, why not lucky Pokemon?


True. I’ll add your idea.


Even better- get them ONLY from trading and eggs. That would make eggs have any value again.


Hmmm. But encounter would be great, thats hoe most people get shinies, and eggs already have enough value. I mean, isnt everyone walking a egg right Now?


It would be not very clever if we don’t walk one.


Eggs give basically everything.


What do you think about this: During rainbow weather the first Pokemon that you encounter becomes lucky :rainbow: :crown::trophy::1st_place_medal::smiley:


I traded a Snorlax to my my son and he sent me a Sablye. Both became lucky. Our first ones.