How to deal with hackers


It’s like mushrooms, you catch one, and three new appear


Virus resembles hackers better. Poor @JoshHack, your efforts are ruinned once.:worried:


And it’s as well a game of probabilities, I think I can remember that there are millions of players. So it’s not very probable that anyone else of our comunity will be attacked. On the other hand we are more exposed because of writing in sites like this one, I hope not enough to call atention, but you never know…


I don’t know about anywhere else in the world but in London (England) we don’t allow spoofers into our raids - If they are not with the group at the physical location of the gym they are not allowed to participate in the raid.


That’s a very good practice, and would be nice if all groups copy this


The problem of hackers is worth to get Niantic’s attention and response.


Well said, essentially… Every lock has a key to put in a short phrase lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I fail to see why you keep throwing hackers and spoofers into one bag
One group just uses fake gps and catches Pokemon (that doesnt harm you) the other tries to get into your account, change the password or just completely destroy it

Not comparable much


Cmon guys im pretty bored of all this discussion stuff,
How long are we gonna lie to ourselves,If you want to know the truth then listen up…
In my town the guys who play pogo are just what you would call errand boys knowing not a thing about programming and stuff, yet they spoof like hardcore and very recently they have been using bots coded by the modders n hackers from the nearby city, Hash keys and 2captcha’s are being thrown out like popcorns and surprise none of the bot accounts got banned…

From what i could learn from sources a teenage (probably 19) boy with his colleagues are coding this bots and mining hashes and are making a fortune each day by selling this things, and to spice it up a little, the guys are just jobless so have plenty of time everyday.

Now this guys are just bent upon corrupting the minds of all the players in our town so im just pretty much demotivated after seeing all this,Now everyone can cluck their tongue and get all the 100 IV pokemons with buttery ease.
They are just treating pokemons like things and tools for battle nothing more they dont even give a shit into investing in a pokemon and growing and battling with it.