How Many Years to Level 40


From my current Level of 34, how many days should I play to reach Level 40 and be able to submit POI? :joy:

I need to divide my time with Ingress Level 8 to 10… :grin:


I got 3 more months


Good for you, you’re almost there…


Depends on how active you are and what you do in the game (what I mean with the last part of the sentence is that, for example, if you play for at least 5 hours every day but you are only Shiny checking, it’ll still take forever to hit that Level40).


I’m the “No Mons Left Behind” player… I wish Niantic will make poke bag unlimited :joy:

about the time spent, we will see it on the next week after some important things to do…


Speaking of Shiny, I had just get My First and Only Shiny Lileep minutes ago…


So many factors affect the time that any estimate is liable to be off by months.

For me, from 38 to 40 seemed to take almost as long as from 1 to 38, maintaining the same general quantity and style of play for the most part. But I wasn’t paying very close attention to the process, and in the two years since then Niantic has added some XP-building shortcuts that might affect that.

There are some fairly detailed guides on other sites for what you ask. I’m sure you searched already; but here is one with some useful info:


You will get there faster if you open my gifts




:grin: I got it now… Thanks!


Little (but important) tip:

Before you open a gift from a friend who isn’t already Best Friend level, look at the friend’s avatar on the friends list. You’ll see all of them have a shaded circle (yellow, pink, or light blue) which indicates their team. Around some of them you’ll often see a ring or halo of light blue, which indicates that your friendship level with them has increased that day (and the level can only increase one time per-day).

So if the halo is there for that friend, wait until the next day to open their gift and get the friendship-level-increase credit associated with opening a gift.


It’s like @Jormdeworm said it depends on how active you are, for me i went from 35 at the beginning of the year to being 300,000 xp from 39. I caught everything while using lucky eggs as well as timing all my best friend lvl ups so I can max how much XP I could get


Since its adventure week now and new stops award 10x XP (double with lucky egg), id say you could reach it this week?

Its normally 250 xp. So now 2500*2 (lucky egg) = 5000.
5.000.000 (level 39 to 40) /5000 = 1000 stops. Thats 2 or 3 large citys i think? Depending on your defenition of large.


Hmmm, I think I need 4 months


you only get 2050 xp per new stop. 50 xp for the spinning and 10x200 xp for the new stop.
It’s the same as last year.

Still insane xp


ah ok. So 4100 with a lucky egg. 3 or 4 citys then :stuck_out_tongue:
For POI submission its good, but for the quallity of your account… not so much.
Youll be a level 40 player with level 36 pokemon cause you dont have the Stardust to power up stuff.


go here and post the results.


Looks good.


The site tells me this: 1 YEAR, 3 MONTHS. I think it is earlier. Because I slowly get more strong pokemon. So more xp from raids will help speed it up.


The site tells me it’ll take me nine more months, but I make more than 1M XP per month, so it’ll never take me more than 5 months.