How many/which Shinies do you have?



the last one i needed


But how… -_-


A Total of 24 now


got this today



Blue is what I have in the Pokédex but not currently green is what have in box and dex and red is neither


Didn’t you play on Community Day? Then you probably had all…


Anyone has the new checklist?


Doesn’t exist yet, but I’ll update this post once it is available.




I have kyogre now


Charmander family, Pichu family, Magikarp family, Kabuto family, Mareep family, Larvitar family, Swablu and Kyogre.

The water festival shinies are really eluding me, I’ve battled enough Wailmer to evolve one of them and still no purple whale in my collection. Shellder and Omanyte seem to be having fun with my bad luck too.

Oh, is there a check list with Shellder already? I think it’s the most recent shiny, right?


YEs there is and no it is not larvitar is the latest one.


Why do people collect low IV shiny ones? it is not worth to power up or evolve those low ones. I prefer to power up or evolve the high IV. Am I missing something?


Shinies are rare and a collectible, they’re also a form of bragging rights in gyms.


Here it is. I’ll update this post once the one with the Larvitar comes available.


Because there’s not a high chance you will get a second one, IF you get one.