How many trades have you made and what's your current distance?


Also, what is your farthest trade distance you have had thus far!?!.. Happy hunting shrimp:)


103 trades
around 850.000 km total
18250-ish km biggest


Dangg!! 18k in one trade. That’s gnarly.


129 trades and 290.807 km


108 trades and 1.007.679 km


18 trades
62,551 km



180 trades
1.000.000 Km total
19000 km biggest


I need to do more trades, but I usually only do one if I didn’t raid or do gym battles that day with my son.


What was you trade for 19k?! That’s pretty dope.


Probably a Dutch Pokemon for one in New Zealand because the antipodal point of the Netherlands is not Far East from new zealand