How many Legendary Attempts?



Articuno - 11/18 (61.11%)
Zapdos - 14/20 (70%)
Moltres - 9/14 (64.29%)
Raikou - 14/16 (87.5%)
Entei - 15/22 (68.18%) * still raiding
Suicune - 17/21 (80.95%)
Lugia - 6/17 (35.29% :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)
Total - 86/128 (67.19%)


do you Nanab first throw then Goldies for every throw after or are you mixing it up throwing other random Berries?


Normally have enough to throw Golden razz at each, but have recently been throwing normal razz or pinaps at low IV legendaries.


Time for a Ledgendary Catch Rate update.
Entei was a roller coaster of good, poor, recovering than bad at the end with some good ones getting away.
Ho-Oh has started ok from an all up catch percentage but the 100% IV is one of the ones that got away :rage:

67.7% - 4/6_Articuno
50.0% - 5/10_Moltress
66.7% - 6/9_Zapdos
50.0% - 12/24_Suicune
68.8% - 11/16_Raikou
53.3% - 24/45_Entei
33.3% - 2/6_Lugia
56.1% - 5/7_Ho-Oh

Total_69/123 = 56.1%


Update time.
I haven’t done any where near as many Groudon Raids as I would have liked and hence currently don’t have any good Groudons which annoys me a fair bit as they are one of the more useful Ledgendary’s for battling.
I had family things on the first week so couldn’t join in on the new Raid hype. All the days I was free my regular Raid crew were not available. Answered some calls on Discord to join Raids with randoms that change their mind after confirming.
The last 5 days it’s been a bust trying to get enough people to do a Groudon raid now as they are all saving their coin and Passes for the change to Kyorge on the 16th.
I manged to get 2 in after work yesterday just, 3rd one we couldn’t get 2 more to make it work. Both were right at the bottom end IV wise and both dusted me. Time is running out to get that good one and my good start catch wise took a hit with those 2 and the last failed solo family 4 after spending near 1.5mil dust across all the accounts powering things up.

67.7% - 4/6_Articuno
50.0% - 5/10_Moltress
66.7% - 6/9_Zapdos
50.0% - 12/24_Suicune
68.8% - 11/16_Raikou
53.3% - 24/45_Entei
33.3% - 2/6_Lugia
56.1% - 5/7_Ho-Oh
57.1% - 4/7_Groudon

Total 73/130 @ 56.2


I just started doing Legendary raids on Christmas Eve when another trainer saw me out battling gyms and put me on the local Discord chat. So far I am 3 for 6 on catching Groudon. My daughter is 1 for 1. My son is 1 for 3.


Articuno - 11/18 (61.11%)
Zapdos - 14/20 (70%)
Moltres - 9/14 (64.29%)
Raikou - 14/16 (87.5%)
Entei - 26/36 (72.22%) - went up!
Suicune - 17/21 (80.95%)
Lugia - 6/17 (35.29% :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)
Ho-oh - 19/27 (70.37%)
Groudon - 24/27 (88.88%)
Mew Two - 1/1
Total - 141/197 (71.57%)


Articuno - 8/16
Zapdos - 8/14
Moltres - 10/14
Lugia - 7/16
Raikou - 8/11
Entei - 10/21
Suicune - 12/19
Ho-oh - 4/7
Groudon - 3/7
Mewtwo - 1/2
Total: 71/127 (56%)


As of february 19th:

Articuno: 11/18 (61.1%)
Zapdos 5/8 (62,5%)
Moltress 9/20 (45,0%)
Raikou 23/43 (53,5%)
Entei 23/42 54,8%)
Suicune 19/31 (59,4%)
Lugia 8/20 (40,0%)
Ho-oh 10/15 (66,6%)
Groudon 26/34 (76,5%)
Kyogre 26/41 (63,4%)
Rayquaza 15/18 (83,3%)
Mewtwo 4/4 (100%)

total : 182 / 294 (61,9%)


For attempts:

Articuno - 0/11
Zapdos - 1/14
Moltres - 1/12
Lugia - 0/11
Raikou - 0/11
Entei - 1/3
Suicune - 0/4
Ho-oh - 0/8
Groudon - 0/5
Mewtwo - 0/0

But for successful attempts:
Entei - 1/2
Moltres - 1/3
Lugia - 0/1
Zapdos - 1/3

Entei was beaten in a city, as were moltres, lugia and zapdos. Unfortunately 3 legendaries is under average but I need to travel to a city to have a chance and the nearest one isn’t very local. I also don’t use social media frequently besides a basically dead Facebook group I made for my town.


Groudon’s giving me another kick in the nuts with another 2 done yesterday that were both bottom end IV and eat every Ball for no catch.

I haven’t been throwing many dud throws either.
I generally get 10-12 ball all the time. I only throw Curve Balls. The large majority of my throws were Great with same Excellent and the occasional Nice. The last 4 that ate everything were all Gold Razzed. Only 5 Dud throws across all 4 total.
Maybe this bad run will increase my capture chance when the good IV finally appears.

I did catch a 96% on my Daughters acct on the last ball too :roll_eyes:


Nice capture rates
Care to share your secret?


I use the circle setting method Prodigies Nation made videos about. And I aim for excellents in conjunction with that really.
I also try to use muscle memory when throwing, i.e make sure when I hit an excellent throw I try to get the same “feeling” of the movement when I throw next - not sure it makes sense but I can only liken it to playing basketball. It’s that feeling you get when you hit a shot, next shot you take you try to make the throw “feel” the same…
Probably haven’t explained that very well but that’s the best I can do!
Doesn’t work all the time but it does most of the time.


I get what your trying to describe.
For my curves its memory/routine to swipe my finger up and across on the same arc all the time hence why I don’t get to many dud throws. The duds are mostly from the Pokemon jumping or the circle disapearing which is a timing thing.
I lean more towards hitting the Greats as trying to time the Excellents results in more dodges from the Pokemon for me.


All I know is groudon can go to hell…I’ll be glad when he’s gone. I hit excellent/great throws 90% of the time and have my worst ratio since articuno (when I was still learning the best way to catch them)


I feel your pain, just when my catch ratio starts improving I get onto a bad run that leaves a sour taste.
I’ve used more Gold Razz’s on Groudon than any other Legendary as once I have 6 I start getting greedy for extra candy and throw a few Pinaps chancing it.


I’m 2 for 5 on catching Groudon.


How are you able to do so many raids? Do you buy raid passes? Good job though… Share your secret.


I was 0-2 on Kyogre today. My son caught him on our 2nd attempt. He has not let me not know that so far as the day goes on.


I work in the city & there’s an active PoGo community both where I work & where I live so I’m lucky!
And yes I normally buy premium raid passes.