How many incubators do you use at once?


Just curious ive been running 4-5 and it seems to work. What does everyone else do?


I walk a 10KM egg with Super Incubator and one 2KM egg with Infinite Incubator. I’m going to look for more ‘walking eggs’ tomorrow.


I use however many I have at the time. All 2 km eggs go in the infinite incubator and 10 km have priority in the blue ones. 5 km go in either one if I don’t have either 2 or 10s at the time I go to put an egg in.


I use one for every egg that I have :grin:


Now that there is finally interesting stuff in eggs again, I’ve been spending more coins on incubators. For a long time I only had the infinite incubator going. With the star piece it’s nice to line it up with the eggs hatching and get a bunch of dust (especially now during 2x dust). I just bought the big box in the store and put all the 10k eggs I had from the previous event in them. They should hatch tomorrow during community day which I’m going to grind for the entire three hours because I want to hit 40 before they release more levels and the 3x throws xp will help a lot.


Only 2
The Infinity for all 2 and 5k eggs.
1 bought Incubator for any 10k egg that comes along.


When i bought the ultra box i used about 4-5 at a time. Now i’m using 1…


Yesterday, I walked my last 3 5KM eggs. Two Wingull, finally my first Pelipper. Also got my first Shiftry, but never mind, I’m now walking with 1 Incubator. Yesterday with 4.