How many gold gym badges do you have?


Occasionally I might end up in more than 10 Gyms but that is never a deliberate intention of trying to get into a certain number. It’s normally taking an opportunity thing at the time. Once I have Pokemon in Gyms I’m not concerned about trying to stay in all or multiples at once. I’m only trying accelerate or stay in the one that I’ve decided is the Berry Gym. If it falls the Berry Gym might be switched if I cant take it back for some time.
Most of the time I’m only in 2-5 at a time and most of them flip daily or every 2 days.



It’s mainly due to the fact that I regularly raid at them. I don’t really take down gyms, but I’ll put a Pokemon in a free spot, obviously.


3 more Golded over the last week.
Total up to 153 now.


Subtract 150 and you got me lol


@NotanotherKangaskhan, you are 5 times to me.


I’m still at 46.


155 now after 2 more went Gold overnight. Got another that will go Gold by tomorrow unless it gets booted over night (touch wood). Got few more that are within 5-6 days. Found 4 new ones that seem to be low traffic ones due their location away from streets and main roads. These are the ones I’m seeking more atm over the high maintenance ones that everyone can reach from a car.


@NotanotherKangaskhan, you must be driving around a lot to find gyms, new or old, to battle, do you still battle at the gyms that you already earn gold badge?


Most of the low traffic ones that I’ve found are on Bike Riding/Walking tracks. I haven’t gone driving around looking for them. They just happen to be in a large country town that’s only 10min Drive from home. I used to only ride the track into town than head back as that’s the largest concentration of Stops and Gyms. Now I’ve been riding it further out the other side where all these random low traffic Gyms are. From end to end that I’m riding atm is around 8km one way.

I don’t bother to battle the Gyms anymore once Golded. The only exceptions are if I’m desperate to have something in a Gym to collect my coins or to remove known Spoofers. If I’m chasing a certain Legendary I will drive a bit further to hit a non Gold Gym over a Golded one.


It’s good that you have a large country town that is only 10min drive from your home, that is about less than 30min of biking. I don’t have that luxury of gyms around my area. It is easier to look for gyms by riding bike than driving car. It might be safer too depending on the area.

I agree with you that most low traffic gyms are at the area where cars are not accessible and low foot traffic, and it also depends on the players activities in the area at a given day. I had my Pokémon at a Starbucks gyms for more than 12 hours yesterday but it only lasted less than 3 hours today.


You’d be blown away if I put up a screen shot of our map and how many Gyms I have between Home and Work and 30min the other way from where I live. I’ve only Golded a fraction of whats available.
I could post a screen shot of the Map but I won’t as I’ve seen on our local Discord what happens when honest players have posted screen shots of Gyms they’ve been in for long periods of time. Within hours those Gyms are being hit by GPS cheats hence I’ll never post screen shots that give away locations or areas.


I got my 6th one today!


Keep chipping away.
I had that many at one stage too.


Your area is saturated with gyms, must be a very popular urban environment. There is no shortage of gyms in my area, but they are scattered, not possible by foot traffic, biking is some what manageable but not advised, so driving and parking is only option to cover majority of gyms in the area.


157 :grinning:
2 more went Gold last night. One got helped along with 120 Berries yesterday.
Stretch target of 160 by end of year should be reached in another week.


I’m still at 46 for the foreseeable future.


Don’t you have other Gyms that aren’t Gold you can put a bit more time into?


Yes, but it will take a few weeks of work on each.


15, but I play in a major city and a lot of mine look like this…


Got #47 last night.