How many gold gym badges do you have?


13 right now, working on 2 more that are closest becoming gold.




Fruit salad is really good especially with rasp berries


A month and a bit later I’ve gone for 113 to 123.
I’ve got 3 more that are very close to going Gold. I few new Gyms have appeared between home and work so still plenty more to do :grinning:




Checked Again, i have 16


I have like the worst area for gyms…


I got 42 now.


I almost got a new Golden Gym Badge, and now the Gym turned into a PokeStop! :unamused::frowning:


That sucks


The ones I keep getting knocked out of are other teams trying to turn it gold. But I’ve never seen what you just described.


I once had that as well but the gym became completely removed. Apparently it was a “dangerous location”


That has also happened to me a few times. But this never happened before to me. And I was so close at getting the badge to gold!




Up to 128 now.
I finally finished in a volitle area. The Obsessive nut bags can have their precious Gyms back now (one was getting very upset over it) :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I’ve been working on 20 different ones spread out over a wide area randomly switching areas. Might be a few weeks but should see a few all go Gold fairly close together though. Have left the new ones close to home alone for now. Will keep them in reserve, no hurry.




The answer to everything


Have you ever read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?


About 30 years ago. And yes. 42 is the answer to everything.


One of the areas I’m rubbish at!
Only 15 gold gyms since the gym rework :joy::rofl::joy: