How many gold gym badges do you have?

Got #115 gold today after a Binacle raid, it’s located next to a complex of apartment homes, it’s the last gym in the area with #110 and #113.


Turned #138 gold this morning.


#586, #587, #588, #589 & #590

5 more Gold spread over a very wide area in the last 7 days.

1 from Area 4 - (5/19)
2 from Towns 23 - (2/13)
1 from multiple take overs in a random Area
1 from Town 21 - (29/31)


Got #116 gold today after a Venusaur raid, it’s a big church on a big road but with relatively low turnover rate, first in the area.

Got #117 gold today, it’s next to a waste disposal company in the middle of the industrial area, my mon is still there. Another gold gym with 0 gym battle victory.

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#591, #592, #593 & #594

4 new Gold in the last 2 day, well 3 new and 1 old found that was missed from over 12 months ago. I was adding a new one to my alphabetical Gym list and noticed a Gym name had no number assigned and the cell was white not gold. A quick reference back to the numerical order list showed it was not listed.

1 from Towns 23 (3/13)
The other 2 are from a non target area that I call in after my Dermatologist apts 3 times a week. There’s one more there that has 5-6 days more required.


#595, #596, #597

3 more over the last few days.
1 from random area, slowly chipped away at this one.
1 from Town 22 (18/22) Last 4 will take a long time as can only get access from 7am-5pm.
1 from Area 8.1 (1/9)


Got #118 gold today, it’s literally in someone’s house near a small man-made creek, there are also 2 pokestops and about 7-8 spawn points within reach.
It must feel good if some pogo players live in that house.

It turned gold before my mon got kicked.


Turned #139 Gold this morning.