How many gold gym badges do you have?


Got #96 gold two days ago, it’s a club one block away from #94, not too high turn over rate too


#443, #444 & #445

1 from Town 8 for 2/7
1 from my Hard To Do list of 6 to be 3/6. In order to Gold this one and the other one in the same building myself and a Friend have started Remote Raiding it by parking a few streets away as that’s as close as we can get and send each other invites.
The other is 1/2 on a Country Hwy that I found and took on the way home from a Golf game. This was completed in 1 sitting while the other has had to be put back in second time. It was strange they took 1 at the time and not the other. They are only 2-300m apart.

Did some recon on the Sunday of some more towns to the east. Tested the local community by taking some to see how long they will last.
2/7 got booted within 2 hours
2 more came home either side of 24hrs
3 are still in 36hrs later.
1 is strong chance to be a 1 sitting as it was a 2.5-3k walk and climb to get to. I was only just able to see it on screen when walking to get a Rocket Stop.


#446, #447

1 from Town 10 leaving 1 to go to complete all 6.
First one Gold in Town 11 to be 1/4


Turned #’s 117 and 118 Gold this morning.



The last one in Town 5 is now Gold. This one was a real grind as someone living within range with multiple coloured accounts uses it as their coin collection Gym flipping between Red and Blue every Day. Bit of a long drive for me to play games taking it back to mess up their plan.
Without Fruit Salad this would have had a long way to go still.




One from Town 7east gone Gold.
11/23 there now.



The second Hwy Gym went Gold today.
That’s the 18th Gold this month.



Area 2 sees another go Gold after an overnight stay to be 31/33. I worked over the remaining non Golds before Raid Hour started yesterday.

Found and Raided a new Gym in Area 3 last night as well.
Checked my Wayfarer acct last night and was surprised to see that 3 of 7 nominations from the weekend just been had been accepted already. All 3 will create new Gyms in the Cell. Looking forward to going for a drive in 2 days time.



Last of 6 turned Gold in Town 10 today.

Went for a drive last night. My nominations created 3 new Gyms as expected. 2 became PokeStops and an existing PokeStops turned into Gyms while one became the Gym.
Had 2 other noms create stops as well.


#453 & #454

A 1 sitting went Gold in town 8 on Saturday to be 3/7. 2 more in the town are not far away.
Chipping away a little bit at a time saw a high turn over Gym in Town 7east finally go Gold to be 12/23.

22 Gold this month and 117 this year.



Town 8 sees another go Gold tonight. Lost the other one in the town leaving only 3-4hrs to finish it off :man_facepalming:.



5/7 Gold in Town 8 now. Fair bit of work to do on the last 2.

24 Gyms went Gold in August.
Could have had 2 more but I’ll take the easy Gold for September as I expect the total may be low as I’ve started work on a lot of new ones spread over a wide area.


Go #97 gold two days ago, it is a pretty big church not far away from #94 and #96, one more gym left in the area with pretty high turn rate surprisingly



One in Town 7East went Gold a couple of days ago. This only took 3 sittings to get there. 13/23 for that group.

Found 3 new Gyms between work and home the other night when looking for a Mega Raid.
That makes 30 new Gyms between work and home and around home area since April. 6/30 Gold for those.


Turned #119 Gold this evening.


#458, #459, #460, #461, #462, #463 & #464

Last 3 days have seen a few get finished off.
Thanks to remote Raid Passes and extended distance another of my hard to do list is Gold for 4/6
1 Gold from Towns 15. This was half way from 2 drives for Golf games and got finished after dropping in on the way for another game plus the 700 berries dumped into it.
4 Gold from new Gyms 2 to be 8/16. I’ve added a new one to do in that group with my own nominations.
1 Gold from new Gyms 3 to be 3/15


Turned #120 Gold this morning



Finished the last 10 days required on this in 1 sitting. Hadn’t been back here for just over 12 months. The Town has 1 new Gym since I was there last. 2/6 on Towns 15


#466 #467

One Gold in Area 3 to be 18/23.
Other is the first Gold in Area 4 to be 1/17.

New Gyms 2 list keeps growing with new Gyms appearing every week.



New Gyms 2 sees an new Gold to be 9/17