How many gold gym badges do you have?


#417, #418 & #419

Competed the 3 close ones in Area 3 after work taking all 3 back and a Raid on one as well. Battles points and some defend time hours was enough to get them all Gold. 14/22 in Area 3



Town 9 all Gold now with the last of 4 finally getting there 2 weeks behind the others.


Turned #114 gold this morning.


Turned #115 gold tonight.


Turned #116 gold this morning.


#421 & #422

2/11 from New Gyms 3 and other was last of 3 in Town 11.
Glad that ones done as POI for Gym has been demolished.


I got my 40th gold Gym! It’s the new EX raid Gym!


#423 & #424

2 more Gold since last post
1 in Area 2. Found I’d left one off the list for the Area so 29/32.
2nd one is from Town 7 to be 18/48 that I have listed. I need to do a complete recon of the town as I expect the Gyms May be into the 50’s now. The community has been very active in new approvals.


Got #94 gold two days ago.

It’s a small church near downtown of a new city with decent amount of new gyms being worked on, one of which is an ex raid gym in a park with high turn over rate.


#425 & #426

One each from Area2 and Area3
30/32 in Area 2 and 15/22 in Area3

2 new Gyms have appeared close to home in the last 8 days too. I won’t hit them hard. I’ll just use them to top up with if not Maxed out after hitting the Areas I’m working on.



This ones not from any Area or Town I’m working over atm. Its one I hit every time I go to see my Mum & Dad.


#428, #429 & #430

#429 is from New Gyms 2 and took some persistence as someone obviously lived in a house that was reachable. I started mixing up the hours I would hit it which helped get more in time.

#428 & #429 are from a group of towns I was working over 15 months ago. Was there for a Golf Game a couple of weeks ago so hit a couple of the most advanced ones to see if I could finish them off.
I need to recon the towns and include them in my hit list spread sheet as I’ll most likely be back there towards the end of the year or sooner if I can convince the wife we should switch to a 3 zone rotation over the 2 zone alternating weeks we do now.

I’ve now started putting the dates each Gym goes Gold in my Spread Sheet since May. This gives me an idea of how many I Gold a month.
16 - May
16 - June
10 - July so far
I might get 2-3 more over the line before months end.



Not part of any Town of Areas I’m working on. Stand alone rogue Train Station near work that only became easily accessible when the extended distance came in.
I’m expecting a new Gym to appear very close to work tomorrow morning as a friends nomination got approved 2 days ago but missed the cut off to appear yesterday.



One from Area 1 went Gold making that 28/33.
That will most likely be the last Gold for this month as 2 other hopefuls were lost around Midday.
The new month will start off with a few quick Gold with 10 Gyms needing 4 days or less and I’m currently in 1/2 of them.
As projected above ^ the new Gym appeared very close to work today.


#433, #434, #435, #436, #437 & #438

3 from Area 1 went Gold over the weekend to be 31/33.
1 from Area 3 to be 16/22
1st Gym in Town 8 went Gold for 1/7
1 from Town 7 to be 18/50+
I’m going to to split Town 7 up into A and B for East and West of the Main Rd to goes through the centre.



Another from Area 1 went Gold later in the afternoon after posting ^.
32/33 there now with last 1 needing 2-3 more days.



Number 17/22 in Area 3 went Gold during Raid hour yesterday.

Woke up this morning to find I can see a new Gym on my screen while sitting at home. Something I was going to nominate next time out on the bike around home area has turned into a new Poke Stop changing an existing one to a Gym.


Really close on a few, so should get some new gold in the next few weeks


#441 & #442

Area 1 is now all Gold 33/33
Area 3 sees another Gold also to be 18/22

Had a badge appear in my list between all the Gold ones that had no progress on it from Raid Hour.
Have worked out it’s a Gym I’ve already Golded (#334). The Gym has had a name change and now it wants to recognise it as a new Gym.
This is the first time this has happened with Gold Gyms in my list. I can list off 5 that I know changed names and never came up as new Gyms.
I’ve now got 3 not 2 to finish Area 2.


Got #95 gold yesterday, it’s a small church on the roadside of a big road, surprisingly its turnover rate is not that high compared to two other gyms not far away, my mon was able to stay there for more than 2 days, and it pushed the gym gold.