How many gold gym badges do you have?


Reluctantly did a Kubuto Raid on this one on the way to work which was enough to push it over the line.


2 new Gold overnight
First one was the one I can see from home. I’m going to brake my rule of leaving a Gym alone after Golding it with this one. I’m going to keep bringing the heat.
The other is #2 in the new area with many Gyms. If I didn’t get booted 3 hrs after putting one back in yesterday there would have been a 3rd Gold over night.


Got #57 gold, this gym is in the same area of #55 and #56


A 3rd Gold in the new area I’m working over. This is not the the same as mentioned about that would have gone Gold if it stayed in overnight. I wont be back to the area for another 2 days to address that Gym along with many others :rofl::rofl:


Turned #74 Gold yesterday


#273, #274, #275
3 Gold in the last 2 days. One 10min from home and the other 2 in the new area I’m working over 40mins from home.


I’d been in this for 4 days then got kicked out yesterday afternoon about 20min after a Raid I’d done on it on the way to work. Took it back on the way home and 6hrs in time was enough to get it over the line.
I got 2 more that are very close. One will go Gold any hour and the other I lost at around 6pm while at work. I think its that close taking it back after I finish work tonight and dropping one in will be enough to get get it over the line. That one is the last one in that area too.
Currently working 2 different area over atm. One area I do Mon-Fri to and from work and the other I drive to and work over on the weekends. Got a large group that are all progressing at a similar pace and a few that are a lot of work not getting much in time.


Ha, I said any hour. I just checked it as I’m about to leave work for the night and it’s ticked over Gold.


1 battle round on 4 Pokemon for less than 50pts, placement of mine and 30 Berries was enough to Gold it. All Gyms in that area done.


We got a new gym in the village, so I’m allready on it to bring it gold! :stuck_out_tongue:


Another done on the route to and from work. Just made a start on the last couple I’d left alone in the area now I have a few Gold there. A couple of the earlier ones I started on are progressing at a very slow rate. Need a free weekend and a worthy T5 to push them along a bit. Now that Mardis Gras Goose is gone that can happen.


I’m very close on 3. Should have them by next week.


Gold: 16
Silver: 23
Bronze 22
No color 80
Total: 141

Got more left then I thought, I saw 4/5 that I hadn’t looked for yet. Totally forgot about that place.:man_facepalming: Got just 4 bronze and 7 silver left. So 15/16 to go for gold.


Turned #76,76, and 77 Gold this weekend


Turned #78 Gold this morning


Another one down on the route to and from work. This was a get out of the car and walk to one so glad it’s finally done as it’s a bit of a dodgy area to be doing after dark standing around tapping on a phone.
9 more in this area with 2 that are get out of the Car ones.


Turned #79 Gold this afternoon.


Turned #80 Gold this morning


At long last. This has been a very long grind on this one. My first interaction with this Gym was the day Legendary Raids came out and my regular crew did our first Legendary Raid (My 96% Articuno)


Turned #81 Gold this morning.