How many gold gym badges do you have?


I got my 32nd gold gym badge!


I’m really close to #70 but last 2 times I went there it was in a Raid.


You could have done that raid. It’s a 1000 gym xp


Not going to do Cresselia by myself


Just went Gold in the last hour.
Glad this ones out of the way as it was a stand alone Gym in an area and not part of any loop with other Gyms along the travel. No more slight deviations to remove pests messing with my plan :rofl:


#70 just went Gold this morning.
I got 3 new gyms in my town this week and they are all being heavily contested.


Another slow grind one done. Hit it and Raided it every opportunity I got to finally get it done. Only 1 left to complete the area.
A couple of random ones close to finishing off then the next cluster is a few weeks away.


Went to check on the Gym and give it some berries as it was getting close to Gold and caught it just in time as someone was battling it. Mine was the last one in there and the only one left and would have been booted in another 1-2min most likely.
5 Gold Razz was enough to get it over the line to Gold. Funny that they gave up after the 5th one as I wouldn’t have thrown a 6th as it was now Gold (if only they knew :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Gold: 13
Silver: 24
Bronze 20
No color 80
Total: 137

Just a few close ones left. Almost need to go beyond my town limits.


#71 just went gold this evening.


we got two new gyms in town with last update need to start working on them


Nice, do they convert from pokestops or just brand new gyms?


They converted from pokestops


There is one in my area that is converted from pokestop this week too


Nice I think it would have been better if they just added the gym and kept the old polka stop


Finally last one done in this area.


Turned #72 Gold this morning


This is the first one to go Gold in this area. A couple of others are getting close. There are a lot a Gyms in that area so I’ll be kept busy for a long time.
I’ve just recently joined a new Golf Club that’s down that way so I won’t be going out of my way to hit them. The new expressway is only months from completion too so travel time from home will be cut from 30-40min to 20-30min once complete.


got #14 this morning.


Turned #73 Gold this afternoon.