How many gold gym badges do you have?


19 days defended while Shielgon is in 20 days. Did your Shieldon take a day of somewhere on the way?


No, didnt update the gym badge by berrying


In a few days, I should have #63-66 fall like dominoes.


Another one time stay and gold gym badge


You know you don’t have to throw any Berries for it to update.
As soon as you check any Pokemeon in the Gym it updates.


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Don’t know when this one clicked over to Gold. It makes the total of 8 Golden Gym Badges now. It’s been long since I got a Golden Gym Badge! Maybe I should care more for them😅


Got #55 gold, which is in an area I have been working on for quite some time


Had #63 turn Gold this morning.


Stayed in whole time from drop in.


Still going back out because #64 is close.


Number 9 I randomly joined this Gym when I was on holiday a few weeks ago and yesterday I berried it to Gold.


Got #64 Gold this afternoon


1 of 2 very close together finally completed by chipping away at it a bit at a time. The other one near it has been a lot harder to get a spot in and is a good 8-10 days away from completion.


Got #65 gold tonight


Gold: 10 (nr 10 is not the planed one, that one is still waiting :weary:)
Silver: 27
Bronze 20
No color 72
Total: 129

Lately the gym closest to Gold has a raid going when I pas it.


I have 9.


Got #66 gold tonight


This ones close to where I do most of my CD’s and the first of a heap of Gyms in the area. The other one at my CD spot has about 4 more days to go as it gets hit a bit more often. I’ve ramped up the presence going back every day in order to shove them across the line.
Was hoping to be posting for 2 new Gold today but the 2nd just got booted 2hrs ago leaving it 8hrs short of turning Gold. This was a drop in once and had been black hearts for the last 18 days. I know what I’ll be doing tonight on the way home from work :grinning:

Finally finished numbering all my badges after redoing 60% of them as I wanted the pics without the Pokemon still in the Gym.


Number 11