How many gold gym badges do you have?


Now I’m at this:

Gold: 5
Silver: 21(6 are halfway or close to halfway)
Bronze 14
No color 57
Total: 97

Last week I got 2 new gyms, 1 is already bronze, but It will take years before I get to gold since I’m just 2 days a year near that gym.


Got #58 today


Thanks to the current fighting event, got #46 47 48 gold within 2 days.

#46 took a while to turn hold, because it’s at an intersection of two major roads, I was lucky enough to have my mon there for almost two days for the first time and turn it gold


Changed my plan during this double XP event. Rather than try to finish off those the were closest I went for new ones and ones with not much progress and the ones that couldn’t be reached from a parked car.


Cashed in on the last 2 days to finish off a couple of more difficult ones and one I can just see from home since the update that’s only been a gym for 3months.
One was the last one in an area guarded by a couple of over possessive nut jobs. I’m sure it was annoying for the aggressive one that I would come back on random days and times and not every day at the same time as he would have been looking for a confrontation again. Hope he wasted his time hanging around the area trying to work out my times.
The other is in a park only accessible during daylight hours which is just about the opposite to when I do most of my Gym work.
I found some more hopefully long stay ones out in the Country 45min from home.




2 more clicked over last night. One was a 3 long stays low maintenance Gym. The other I thought I was going to Gold the 2 days earlier but had to re-take it 3 more times.


I’m at 72 as of yesterday but it’s tough when there’s not many more gyms in the area to get gold. :joy: :sob: only 7 more in town that I can think of that were all added recently… otherwise we have to go out of town like 15+ min :confused:


Big town you live in, I have been in 19 gyms, there might be one or two I haven’t found yet in de outer limits. might go visit the outer limits if the weather warms up.


Should have fished this one off before number 123 and 124 but kept taking a different road on the way home. Was going the right way yesterday so finished it off by knocking down a near full Gym. Dropping one in got it over the line.


Got some new gyms, non gold of course. Now working the beach. Valor and Mystic territory. Strangely enough I’m in them for more than 24 hour. It helps in the hunt for gold so I’m happy with that.


Got #50 gold, #51 would take some time


Now I’m at this:

Gold: 5
Silver: 25 (7 are halfway or close to halfway)
Bronze 12
No color 56
Total: 98


This one is close to gold


I have no close to gold gyms yet. Somehow the silver gyms have tier 4-5 raids, some tier 1-2 raids are welcome there.


Number 4 of 6 in a Country Town 30mins from home went Gold yesterday.
Was holding off posting as I was expecting number 5 to Go Gold some time today but it got knocked out around 1am. The 6th one I’m not in atm as I lost that Gym Saturday night.
Will work both of them over Thursday when I have to go that way for my Ex Raid.


Managed to up my gold badges from 15 to 19 since posting in Sep18 🥴:joy::rofl::joy:


This was a take Gym do Raid with Pokemon staying in for the full duration. No return re-take Gyms trips. The other one down the road from it needs a couple more days as there was no Raid on it.
Should see this number climb a bit in the next 7-10 days as a few are moving along nicely atm.
I need to get 4 back so those spots can be used on other Gyms.


The one down the road and another 3km from that one plus the one I put back in after Ex Raid went Gold tonight.
2 more that I take back tonight on way home should be very close by this time tomorrow.


Gold: 6
Silver: 25 (7 are halfway or close to halfway)
Bronze 13
No color 56
Total: 100

Some gyms going fast towards gold. I hope for 2 more in 2 weeks.