How many gold gym badges do you have?


Yesterday, finally my 3th. (1st EX gym, the only Ex Gym around as far as I know.)


Was hoping to be posting for another 2 today but it’s only 1 more for a total of 208.
The one that went Gold has been a bit of work taking it back from both Red and Yellow and roughly 12 regular different Trainer names.
Hopefully the other ones Red or Yellow on the home trip from work.


41 gold by now


3 more taking the total to 211
1 more will go Gold in 3-4hrs too. That the last of the close ones for a bit. Back to grinding a heap up.


About one more day and I’ll have every gym in town Gold what do you want from out of town I’ll bring the total up to 29


As of now, 2 & 3 raids of number 4 & 5.


Number 26


30 Golds right now.


Turned #55 and 56 Gold today.


Number 212 over the weekend.


Got 42nd gold today


Got 4 now. If I can still walk after my gymtraining today. I will work on the 5th. The last close one. A 6th gym will take some time. Since I took on a Spoofer I noticed a lot of new, most likely returning names. Gives a new but fair challenge to get and keep a gym


Train station Gyms are almost as much hard work as Food Court Gyms in Shopping Centers. Just as I finished these 2 at different ones I’ve started work on another 2 both at another Train Station.


Totally finished with all the Gyms in this area now. Time to ramp up the presence somewhere else.


Glad to get this one done as there’s been talk the object that makes it a Gym may get pulled down.




Now is the time to make some serious progress on those Gym Badges with Gym XP doubled atm. This applies to throwing Berries at them as well. Now 20 GXP instead of the usual 10 GXP.
I’ll be hitting Gyms hard while the double up is on.


Got #44 today even though my mon just stayed there for less than 3 hours


The first to receive the benefit of the double GXP. This was only a new Gym 8 weeks ago and now the local Red Pest has just start to hit it repeatedly. Glad I won’t have to bother with it anymore.
Wen’t out last night with the intention of getting my in Gym count up to 20 but fell short by 4 after spending an hour GRazzing a Gym before they gave up. They were too slow in trying to take it down so I got my Berry count back and was able to just keep GRazzing. Their poor strategy of taking brakes between battles thinking I wouldn’t be watching the Gym ensured I was able to keep it.
Try and knock the Bull out of the Gym after only 10min your going to get the Horns.


Got #57 on Thursday.