How many berries is too much?


Last week instead of receiving a network error after feeding too many Razz Berries to a teammates pokemon in a gym it said that their snorlax was tired of that berry. I switched to Nanab Berries and he ate them up just fine to full health. Today I fed 6 unmotivated pokemon in a gym a multitude of different berries and I received a network error (apparently I reached the maximum amount of berries to donate to pokemon in a said amount of time).

How many berries can you feed without receiving the network error? What is the magic number?


My experience is about 6-7 of any berry, then you only have the ability to feed them gold raspberries


I even didn’t know you can feed other berries than Razz Berries! How do you switch? The same way when you try to catch a Pokémon? Or does the system decide for you to change after a number of Razz Berries?


The former, just tap on a berry icon in the lower left corner, you can choose from there.


The best is feeding them golden raspberries when the gym is being attacked. They win and the Pokémon are at full health when they go back for the final round. Did that for 20 minutes this weekend until the instinct player got frustrated and left :grin:


Thanks. I saw it today. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before! Now my Nanabs aren’t useless anymore.


The most of regular berries you can feed to any given Pokemon in a gym is 10.