How long is your Pokémon in a gym?


At the moment I got three Pokémon that are 104 days in a row in a gym. It seems like ages ago I put them there.

What about you?


Hahaha, now I understand how people get pokecoins, where you live don’t have to be much competition…
I don’t go to the gyms, but I see one in the neighbourhood, and it changes colour every 5-6 hours.


Is there a way to determine how long a Pokemon has been in a Gym? Can you find out this number from within the game?

I have some Pokemon in Gyms since September-October last year :frowning:
I hope the Gym rework will reset all Gyms worldwide. This would make the game a bit more interesting, at least in my local area.


I went to a wedding in march in spain in a little village with a gym. After kicking the mystic out of it, I put my snorlax in and he is still there. But i have no idea what the state of the gym is.


1-2 days is a max here.

I think the upcoming changes will also mean that you need to revist gyms in order to keep the Pokemon happy. It will be a way to keep gyms fresh, keep people moving about.


As far as I know you can’t. I wrote it down.


The weird thing is that in my village some gyms change a couple of times every day like the railwaystation gym and some hardly ever change team. Maybe because they are not in the center but everyone can approach them easily.


Unfortunaltely it won’t keep away spoofers


I have been in a gym by a local church since Christmas eve.


3-4 weeks now on 3 gyms. Hunting others soo i can collekt 5-6 gyms a day, but theese are often taken again


Wow!!! After reading the replies on the thread I don’t feel as accomplished. Lol.
A few months ago after evolving my first Gyarados (96IV - Dragon Tail/Hydro Pump) I placed him in a gym at a local park that had 3 gyms and was entirely ran by Instinct. I couldn’t believe that he was there so long and as the weeks went by, I wondered if I’d ever get him back!?!?
That was my longest defender of all-time and he only held it down for 8 weeks. I thought that was insane, but after reading, I guess that was nothing! Lmao!


Mine have never been in any Gym for more than a couple hours.
I live in a rather big city and especially my district is overrun with Valor gyms (mostly spoofers too…). Not even worth battling down anymore most of the time, because I know my Pokemon will be back within the next couple minutes … really annoying.


I’m in team instinct so if I claim a gym there’s never anyone to support me :joy: Sucks to be yellow sometimes


I have one gym I’ve been in for months. Think the last time I was kicked out was February. It’s the only consistent one I can find. I think other than that my longest stay was a month.


I read somewhere, I think on the PokemonGoHub, that someone put his Pokémon in a gym in a place that was hard to reach, then winter started so that noone could reach it anymore because of the snowfall. And then the Pokémon was there all the time untill the snow started to melt. I think (s)he was talking about more then 6 months!


Couple minute till Indiansfan1234 joysticks to them and makes them red again. It’s cool tho :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


My gym record is about a week maximum… and that was at the beggining. Now you can only pray to get the coins at the end of the combat. Spoofers all around


My record is 2 hours. We have a lot if competition and a lot of gyms.


And guess what happend today

One of the three Pokémon got kicked out after 105 days. What a coincidence!


Maybe they were reading this forum? :flushed: Jajajajaja